A Solution to the surplus Leather Problem

Yes, here I have it…

Introduce Goats as Pets. Those little monsters will eat anything… feed them leather.

There are only so many rugs, banners and awnings a sane person can use.

In any case, introduce goats, problem solved.


Another idea would be to make every other craftable item in the game require leather. :wink:

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I could get behind leather furnishings and better bandages. Just making a pet eat it sounds a bit crazy.

If they made another way to get tar besides Tanning, and more animals give heavy hide instead of normal hide it might help as well.

They could also make some of the various types of skin useful outside of tanning. With very few exceptions you don’t ever really need feline pelts, or hyena pelts etc. The only ones that seem used are Rhino and Elephant.

The current system also forces people to travel all to the one area of the map to get Rhino hide for example, Elephant is a bit better because of mammoths.

Why wouldn’t you be able to have an equivalent to rhino in other areas of the map, like those rhino lizards in the jungle or the large apes.

Maybe i should have said another reasonably efficient way to get tar :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea of turning 2 leather into 1 thick leather though, or even 3 to 1 would be fine.

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I’d take ten to one and call it a win - but of course YMMV :slight_smile:

Yeah, 10 coal in a fluid press = 1 tar. Coal is kind of useless at the moment unless you need regular torches so might as well toss it in despite the ratio.

Then again if the fish trap nerf being tested right now makes it to live, oil could become a lot rarer and we might end up wanting to use the coal for fuel again.

As for the leather, another solution could be to reverse the material requirements around for medium armor crafting so instead of it taking a bunch of iron and a few pieces of leather, have it be a bunch of leather with a few pieces of iron. It takes something like 15 thick leather for a high-tier armorer thrall to make a single heavy lining while a medium lining is something like 4 iron bars and 2 regular leather. Make it be 15 leather and it would make more sense and go a ways to being a logical sink.

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