Recycle Excess Leather into Tar

Towards the late game the amount of leather we accumlate is too much so we end up throwing them away. Maybe we could have an option to press like 100 leather into 10 tar or something along those lines?


we need either more useful recipe requiring leather or another way to craft Tar directly.

I’d go for the former though, otherwise Tanneries / Skin farming would become more or less useless.

Putting coal into the press makes tar. It is expensive though but it works.

i can confirm, you will have so much normal leather, you begin to throw it away after your first chest is filled…

there should be some other use case for leather or some recycle use of it to make it not useless!

I leave excess stuff in unlocked chests outside my walls for the “peasants” that want to take any. Even being a thief I would rather leave it for players to use then dump it on the ground. Surprisingly even leather gets taken.

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Peasents need love too :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I just want to vocalize that this is an excellent idea, in my opinion.

There’s a mod tah implements this already, and I’m using it! I had piles upon piles of leather accumulated :slight_smile: It’s called “Craftable Tar”[1]

It does exactly what you asked, you put leather/thick leather on the furnace and burn it to get tar from the process… at he rate of 1000 leather -> 100 tar, or 10->1.

I’d personally prefer if it produced coal, instead, so you’d have an extra step to get the tar out of it… and it would feel more “realistic.” ((Quotes to signal that realism doesn’t really matter, but it just a plus IMO))

[1] Mod-> “Craftable Tar”