Steel and leather

I find that I need a lot of steel for weapon and tool repair. I also find I don’t use that much leather which leads to having a large amount of leather taking up space because I need tar for the steel. Is this a common imbalance of material usage? What can be done with the excess leather besides making and repairing armor? I use some for bandages but more often than not I use food to heal rather than bandages. I briefly tried farming coal for making tar, but it just requires way too much coal to make tar making it too time consuming and just generally too much of a grind.

I play single player and I like to use daggers and javelins and I’m currently up to ancient weapons. I like the javelin in particular because it allows a good deal of quick movement and a decent amount of reach. I kind of feel that both tools and weapons wear out too quickly.

While its wasteful as hell, do what most do :slight_smile:
Toss the excess of leather, and, of course, keep what you need… This is the best and only (besides coal, but you already mentioned the issue with that) way of getting tar, that I know, and it will leave you with an incredible excess of leather… So, truly… Toss what you don’t need is all I can say…

It would be nice if they added tar pits or something as an alternative. Given that the world of Conan is basically a prehistoric kind of world I think tar pits would be a nice option to farm tar from and would fit with the world. But it would also be nice if the excess leather could be used for something.


You could use some of the leather to make bandages. Funcom could probably change that recipe to require more leather and that would help with the waste.

Increasing the stack size of leather to 1000 would increase the storage capacity thereof by a whole order of magnitude.


The equation at the top of the press says to put hide in, obviously dosen’t work or i have not put enough in
but maybe if they let you put in the leather and/or hide would solve the problem.

Or turning leather into raw ash in a furnace (an ingredient for tar with a legendary alchemist)


leather is also used to make hard leather for epic gear.

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Yeah, but the issue here is the disproportionate amount of leather generated as a byproduct.

It’s still twice the leather for every thick leather required to make hardened leather.

The solution to this would probably be to make animal hides produce less leather and twice the tar.
But nerfs are never good, so making leather stackable by 1000 is best.


Or they can make it that you toss the leather/thick leather into a furnace and get ash.

youll find you will use a lot of the leather at level 60 crafting epic armours through turning both kinds of leather into hardened leather. gearing all your thralls in epic armour uses a surprising amount of it :slight_smile:

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Sorry to go off topic a bit here. However, since the inception of Corrupted creatures and the surplus of Demon Blood which they drop, I would like to see the Demon Blood stack size increased to 100 to reduce inventory clutter.

Definately agree on the stack size for Leather being raised to 1000.


Or allow us to press leather into… mush or… gruel.

Salted Leather Strips, No decay time.

“Thralls upon wheel of pain, give you a funny look as you hand them these…but its better then munching on sand they’ve been walking upon all day.”

With the recent (or was it not so recent?) change to how much leather is used to make hardened leather I think it is ok. You will always have excess of something and that is ok. Not every single thing in the game imo has to be siphoned into other things.

Its also used in tents and stuff.

Perhaps one other thing they could add would be a leather bedroll? Most of the time I forget my bedrolls and just make new ones to update the spawn point. I think leather sure beats hides for this purpose. Perhaps change the current bedroll that uses hides to leather straight up. No need for 3 at that point (one with fibers, one with hides and one with leathers. Just keep leather and fiber as options).

The better beds could also use leather perhaps?

Idk. But even if they leave it as is, Im cool with it. Making hard leather at the end for you and thralls takes up a LOT of leather actually.

Also, an alchemist thrall on your cauldron drops the tar needed. This is very helpful and important imo. You need literally half the tar for each steelfire as it turns from 2 tar + 1 brimstone to 1 + 1. This helps in reducing the leather stacking too to half.

100% I am tossing huge amounts of demon blood onto the ground at this point.

Really stack size for most things in the game just needs to be increased. Low stack size just creates clutter. Like why does putrid meat stack to only 25?

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I agree having 100 stack for putrid meat would be helpful.

Legendary armor repair kits would be a nice addition using leather in the recipes


I save all my leather. Once I get to lv60 I will make all epic armor for all my thralls. Then I will start throwing it away when I have too much. I also use mods though, so mine stack to 1000

When I was deep in to crafting and getting sets of armor for thralls I got in to a ritual of farming bears for Tar. The bear pelts could be turned in to thick hide 2:1 and the thick hide made thick leather and tar. There were actually times I ran out of leather in ratio to thick leather but it was never really an issue. Alchemical base was still the bottleneck.

As for steel, once you start farming Cimmerians and Heirs of the North Steel will become less rare. They drop it like candy and you will have plenty of that and hardened Steel.

The paddings or whatever they called, that u use in order to make an armor stack to 100. And if you stockpile that for light, medium and hard for all 5 pieces, that should eat up a rather big chunk off leather.

Always keep in mind, Conan is a system, and like any system it can be broken. Take the dismantling bench for instance… You craft ten steel arrows for only two steel, ten branches and a single feather. When you take those same ten steel arrows to the dismantling bench, they turn into ten steel and ten feathers, giving you a 5x steel gain (not to mention 10x feather gain) all for what…? Ten branches? You can even offset that using the same type of thinking, but really if you’re in single player you could just give yourself any amount of resources or simply crank up the durability modifier. Funny part is, you can correct the problem just by thinking outside the box and running a few numbers. Are you using kits on your tools, and if so, which one? Are you sure that one is better? How far do you live from the resources you need and use so often? Have you looked for better resource spots or considered moving? After all, not all caves are created equal. Have you considered maxing out, making sure to respec level three survival with endurance, taking a pet to help support the load and carry a few materials to repair? After all, yellow lotus potions are easy to make. As Hazaron said above, finding the right thralls for your stations can be insanely useful, and make sure not to over repair. If this was just to vent over the game not being perfect, just ignore me, but if you really want to lessen the hassle it can be done. God speed :slightly_smiling_face: