Too much excess leather

There is currently TOO MUCH EXCESSS leather from farming tar. Tar is essential for pvp servers as it is part of bombs and grease orbs ( and soon grease arrows i assume). This creates huge quantities of leather that you can never use enough of. My suggestions of how to fix this economic imbalance.

  1. Increase leather costs of all armors by like 50-100%. Including repair costs. Maybe increase durability wear rate, so you have to repair more often. (especially lower tiers, durability should be less for more amateurly made armor.)
  2. Increase leather costs of bandages (whilst decreasing aloe leave cost, to compete with aloe soup, extract, lasting meal)
  3. Create “cordage” recipes where you can turn leathers into twine at the armorers bench.
  4. increase leather cost of armor repair kits.
  5. Create “glue together” recipe at armorer or improv. armorer where you can paste 2-10 leather together for a heavy leather. ( paste could be made from grinding bugs with bonemeal)

Or the paste should be made from ichor and bonemeal, since you can use bugs to get fish to get ichor already.

Hummmm I dont think there is an imbalance but just a lot of remanescent leather from tar, natural.
Either use them to craft a lot of carpets, wall banners, lots or them lol, or just dump out, increase mats won’t feel fun when in low lvls.

Than increase mats based on tier. Also, leather is ez af to come by and you start generating an excess after your first set of armor.

Would be fun if we could build huge tent roofs out of all the excess leather.


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