Too much dry wood and leather

I would love to see more uses for both types of leather as well as dry wood.
There is massive imbalance when it comes to material use in-game. We need a ton of tar and resin to build the black ice structures, which in turn means we have such an excess of dry wood and leather that (at least my clan) keeps a chest of each and tosses all of the rest.

I might be in the minority but it feels bad to me to be simply dropping an entire rack or more of material to the ground because I’ve already got so much of it.

A few suggestions for leather use might be:

  • New types of rope
  • A resin trap/collector (which would also reduce the amount of dry wood we might encounter)

I have no suggestions for dry wood other than maybe just reduce it from 2:1 to 1:1.

Thanks for reading.

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Something like leather strips, which could be used instead of twine for medium and heavy armor recipes, could be fitting.

Otherwise I’d also suggest a merchant who buys leather stacks of 100, in exchange for silver coins.


good suggestion… But what aboud dried wood?
Imo Dried Wood needs to be more accessible / useful other than being good combustive for fire…

It might be cool to mix-match dried wood with recipes that could use any type of wood in them, but I can’t think of anything out of the blue.

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Leather and thick leather are key ingredients for bandages and numbing wraps. With no more passive health regen, you can never have too many of these. I would recommend maybe flipping the costs around so that it costs less aloe and more leather or just make them cost more leather.


hmmm this is an interesting topic.

I’m thinking about the dry wood.

  • have the new swamp building tiles use dry wood maybe (assuming there is a swamp theme building block set).
  • have it be a faster firing type of arrow (dry wood being lighter than regular wood maybe)
  • have dry wood be the core component for javelins maybe
  • Make blinds out of dry wood to prevent people stealing through the window if a player closes the blind :smiley:

Also that lvl 39 feat for warmth+light should require 200/300 dryed wood. ?

For the dried wood:

Maybe the Fireplace / Hearth could require burning material in order to run at full strength.

It could be slightly lit without material, but when material is added, it becomes a bigger flame and gives off more heat and lighting.


All great suggestions above

Armor patch kits - drop the metal from them and double the hide/leather use.
Increase the usage of leather on bindings.
Bandages - more leather, less aloe.
Dry wood:
Make all furniture/decorative items use dry wood.

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Wouldn’t it be fun to seal dry wood with tar to create materials for boat-building?


I wouldn’t mind getting a little raft. The devs had ‘pontoon’ as an item in their Admin Panels a while ago. Could be a mobile base platform that they’re cooking up. A sea-borne siege tower, if you will.

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I’m all for other uses. For now, if you’re helping a clanmate level, load up your Artisan’s Bench and send your pal out with a good sickle for oil and twine. Making a tapestry with a T3+ thrall gives you about 270XP per. Make multiple benches, and see that XP fly! Bonus: you’ll have tapestries as far as the eye can see.

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I was stoked to see the use for dry wood added into the last testlive update. You now need 1 dry wood and 1 resin to make an insulated wood, which is used for black ice building. I think there is also some requirement for weapon crafting but I didn’t get too far into things yesterday. It’s a great way to put that stuff to use.


We do need a more efficient way of getting resin and tar.
I could cover hyboria in leather and rebuild the ruins from dry wood.

Use dry wood as fuel.
It’s next oil the best fuel source

You get tar from using coal in a fluid press.

Just fuel the furnaces with the rest of them drywoods :smiley:
I usually use fishoil for that matter, but since The resin is so in demand I use the created drywood to fuel everything which is possible.

As for the leather… I don’t have that much. Only making so many that we need for the repairs and stuff.

I guess you have so many because of tar… Have you tried to compress coal in the juice press?
I would never ever farm hide and bark just for the sake of getting tar.

Good point.
But then what would I do with all those unappetizing fish?

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Much easier to make leather than mine coal. I think its 1 pelt for 1 tar vs 10 coal for 1 tar. Never tried yet. Will give it a go.

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If you see that only. yes it is “harder” but you forgot to count in barks. :smiley:

And those things are in gold’s price for sure especially if you wanna use them to dry woods.