Hardened Leather in New Patch

With the New Patch, how is Hardened Leather made?

Check the tanners table.

Thanks, I missed that table

I’m glad I could help.

I am confused: tanner’s table does not have Hardened Leather there

Ok, so I found Hardened Leather located under the Epic Armors feat which requires LEVEL FRIGGIN 60! But the grandmaster Tanneries? Those are only LEVEL FRIGGIN 56! I can’t build them because I’m not 60 yet, GG FUNCOM.

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What aside from epic armors requires hardened leather, though?

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Haha yea, need 60 anyways for the armor. Guess they could let ya start stocking up at lvl 58.

Any way to reduce the costs at tanner table? Hard leather is back to the old price with no way to reduce and with…the oil shortage…?

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No way to reduce the costs at the moment.

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if you want to craft epic armor and if you play on Exiled Lands map you can farm specific areas for random drop of npc’s armor. Then you simply put that armor in decustruction bench to get a padding.
Cimmerians at Mounds usually drop heavy epic and sometimes medium epic.
Lemurians near Pagoda drop medium epic.
Seperemeru npcs usually drop light epic.
I’m not sure about pirate town npcs tho.
On siptah you can do the same thing with any human npc you kill. Check their inventory…if you see armor take it and put in deconstruction bench for paddings.

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According to my cheat sheet, specific surges will drop specific epic armors, so theoretically you can farm the paddings and not have to make them at all. Of course, you’ll need to be able to farm the ??? and actually handle the surge.

Yes and you have no reason to farm or use them for delving right now because all Siptah armors are bugged and are not worthy farming.

Im quite happy with my nightstalker, t3 armorer gives it 6 agi and 4 stre.

Is it just the siptah armors that are bugged? I’m seeing less total attribute points from pictish, made by a named, than befrore. t3 and t4 making same sets with the same attributes

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