Tannery Table Costs

There is currently no way to reduce costs of hardened leather, layered fur, and layered silk. Unless I am missing something?

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Yes, it is call patch 2.1 :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Yes, now in patch 2.1, build yourself a tanner table. Now observe the rediculous cost of hardened leather ect. Then apply an armorer/tanner to the table. Now observe the still full costs of these materials. Now upon further investigation, come to the realization that this is the only way of crafting these materials for armor.

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Yes I know. And it is even worse because oil is hard to get now.

I am out of the game since middle september, I just check the changes is solo mode to see the news.

We have to way until all of this is fixed, but updates 2.2 and 2.3 are coming, so may be next year.

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You still have light and medium armor… wink wink

Hold the line Funcom!
Stick with the plan…
Don’t give in…

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This makes armor a more valuable item and harder to get at early levels, i actually like it.
Heavy armor should be expensive, as it is really good for defense, lighter armors are easier to craft, so there’s a new advantage for them.


This will heavily repel new/returning players, 5 oil, 5 leather, 2 thick leather, 2 alchemical base, x36. Also oil and ichor being harder to obtain (ichor currently bugged with exotic fish). With all that being said, Light armor = 1 shot from sabertooth/horse, and medium armor still costing 30 hardened leather. If they re-balanced some of the damage values, yes. As of currently, this is a gross imbalance to the game.

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Someone was complaining in another post that materials are too abundant and you can craft everything at industrial level and you get bored fast. Now this post suggests that the costs are too high.
The truth is, filling your chests with materials in this game is really easy, except for oil maybe.
They should make 1 seed give 1 oil in the fluid press.

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Actually harder to get at ALL levels. People were always complaining Funcom wasn’t balancing the game and there was no reason to wear light and medium armors. Now you have a reason.

Hold the line Funcom!
Stick with the plan…
Don’t give in…

The getting one shot by cats/horses in anything but heavy armor, is still a huge issue. I don’t mind farming, but again, it’s not viable.

next update brings changes to combat, so we may receive the so desired balance… :^)

Or, dont make heavy armor 30x more expensive than light? Until then that is.

You can even, I believe, farm epic armors if you’re inclined to do so.

There is currently only one bench used to craft aforementioned materials, i’m more interested to know if this is intended or not.

The last 4 years of Conan has shown me that this statement is false.


you may have a category selected in the top right corner
De-select that

The game just got more interesting…specialpeople


Funcom devs are hardly “dumb as f**k”. Splitting most crafting benches into two lines, one that gives higher speed production and one that gives half material costs is GOOD BALANCE for the game overall. Plus you now have the large space requirements for these new stations which also adds more complexity to the game.

Before you were just handed BOTH speed increases and material cost reduction. That isn’t good balance.

You now actually have to THINK more about what you are doing in regards to base design and your production line. Especially on PvP servers.

Can you explain that balance? Because no one in their right mind will take faster crafting over savings. Im well aware weve been discussing the cauldrons, dont bring that up here.

On a pve server, what will people do? They will go for the more efficient station (material wise)
On a pvp server, what will people do? They will go for the more efficient station (material wise)

Yes, they have a different foot print (however in the case of carpenter benches they do not. The old improved takes up 3 tiles, and the new precision bench also takes up 3 tiles)

The BALANCE that we had, was the T4 thralls. If you wanted speed AND efficiency, you had to find a T4. If you wanted some savings and some speed, a T3 would work.

There is no balance now, since you dont need the thralls.

I just tested shaped wood in the precision bench. 5 wood to 1 shaped wood in 10 seconds with NO THRALL. 5 wood to 1 shaped wood in 9.7 seconds WITH A T4 thrall. In the Trade Carpenter bench 10 wood to 1 shaped wood in 3.4 seconds with NO THRALL. 10 wood to 1 shaped wood in 3.4 seconds WITH T4 THRALL.

Funcom just made new content and 50% of it is completely useless because no one will use them (besides cosmetically, which imo doesnt count in this debate)

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I think news bench must be changed like this :

T1 bench, cost 100%, speed 100%
T2 bench, cost 83%, speed 133%
T3 bench, cost 66%, speed 166%
T4 bench, cost 50%, speed 200%

Cost reduction is the most important, not speed because you can craft when offline (sleeping, at work …) on an online server (not solo play).

But now what can we do with thralls? Transfert speed from bench to thralls?

The old system was better …