Oil! broken or intentional

Hello Exiles
Just pushed the numbers and …hmmm
So to make a set of heavy armor takes 155 hardened leather that`s fine, but when you calculate the cost of the tanner’s bench or lack of relief at the tanner’s bench from a T4 thrall or any thrall for that matter…because they do nothing now for cost or time needed to craft you are talking 775 oil needed for one set of heavy armor. Roughly 2000 insects needed for the fish traps to process into 775 oil or 15min w/star metal scythe farming grass and I’m being extra nice when I say 15 min. Then spend half an hr monitoring the traps so the fish can be harvested before they disappear from decay timers being set to low. Is this intentional or is Funcom trying to make heavy sets so expensive that we all will start using med and light armor again I don’t know …what I do know is this is crazy expensive and why do we not have a reduction in cost at artisans bench or tanners bench when there’s a thrall on it. Two dragon powder for a warpaint that lasts 30min what! So all items like vaults, hardened leather, layered silk that are crafted at either tanner’s bench, artisan bench, or dying station are twice as expensive as before and there’s no way to reduce the cost period. And on top of all that now the unappetizing fish the one you get the most of, only gives 1 oil per 10 fish when before it was 1 to 1. So a double whammy, please tell me this is going to be adjusted it is currently broken it shouldn’t take 500 oil to make 100 black dye if it takes half an hour to farm for the insects to make that oil. The cost of oil was almost free before then all of a sudden its a lot of work and time. Suggestion for a fix just make all fish the same one fish equals one oil done. And for the stations like an artisan, tanners bench or the dying station just bring back whats was the norm since the beginning of the game, thralls speed up all crafting, better the thrall the faster and cheaper it is to craft. What is the point of any T1 or T2 thrall now??? and why do the old style stations now suck. Keep the settings for the new stations fine but don’t make our old style stations with our thralls broken. Thralls lives matter Funcom give them back their powers and stop being a fascist! JK :stuck_out_tongue:

and for the love of God and country please make it so when you get to level 60 you just have all skills and the end respect of feats it has become the game already I respect 3 or 4 times a day that is time wasted for what?? what is the purpose other than wasted game time honestly
and just so everyone knows I have 8700 hrs in the game I’m not just talking out the side of my neck here, I mean you can get enough points for all skills already or for Siptah make the skill for bestial poitions available by reading a tablet and not as a drop. And end duplicate skill drops in vaults. Thank you for your time OTR99 out

I was pretty mad about this as well, but they enabled an oil recipe for T4 alchemists. You can now create oil easily from bark and plant fiber? in the <I forgot the bench name, because I do not play this trash anymore>.

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Didn’t read your wall of text tbh. Get an alchemist 4 to make the oil.


Good luck with getting a T4 Alchemist on Siptah.

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For oil you need a T4 alchemist. Forget the fish …


Also on exiles land if you kill forgotten clan you get epic armor and can dismantle it for extra recourse

Maybe that’s the point. With the changes to dodging and stamina, heavy armor doesn’t really have any major disadvantages, except for its weight. Everyone was able to equip an army of thralls with Flawness Epic heavy armor.

So yeah, maybe Epic heavy armor is supposed to be rare (you know, epic), not mass-produceable consumer goods.


I got lucky last night night and got an alch 4 \o/

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It’s an unbalanced situation at the moment yes. Whenever possible there should be a variety of ways to gather oil, especially for newer players, having to rely primarily simply on finding a T4 alchemist may turn many off the game.

Having to use insects/bait to lure the fish into the traps makes sense. Gathering the bait isn’t too bad; there are various methods. And one bit of bait provides one fish, it’s a good ratio.

The unbalanced and illogical part is having the fish expire in the traps so quickly. For comparison, raw meat in our inventory whilst we’re running around under the hot sun lasts multiple times longer than fish in their natural habitat (the water) at the moment, it doesn’t seem to make any sense. Increasing the fish expiry in the traps to 24 hrs or something more reasonable would help remove a lot of the current frustration out of gathering oil, whilst still maintaining its more active function than in the past (i.e. you still have to collect bait for the traps).


There is a variety of ways to get oil, just one that is better and requires a little bit of setup.

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