Need new ways to get oil it should not be horrible grind

Currently the gathering of oil is a horrible grind bugs in a fish trap do you know how many bugs it takes? Grubs and or gathering the sickle way is like playing farmville. there should be other ways to gather it without ruining the game play.
Yes dungeon runs you can get it that way also but its hit or miss.


Try using vegetable oil? As is, put seeds into the Fluid Press.

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It’s better for your skin too.
On the other hand I think they should give us something else to do with pant fiber. I’m throwing away 1000s now.


I think you can use plant fiber as a fuel.

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And for crafting stone consolidant.

True, but if you’re farming for bugs you get way more plants fiber than you need for stone consolidation.

Have you considered throwing the plant fiber away? :smiley:


IT is like branches when i farm wood now. Just open inventory and drop. 2 seconds.

I personally would love a mod that can make any base game building piece moss green/green, and using plant fiber would be perfect for it. Just saying modders :wink:

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Funny you should mention that – we can finally turn branches into wood now, with a T3 carpenter. :smiley:


Easiest way I’ve found is make 10 fish traps and 10 compost binds. place 1 compost in each bind and they will generate 50 grubs without you having to do anything. When you are doing stuff in base place grubs in trap and harvest every 30 minutes. Make more binds for more grubs but you only need 1 compost in binds to generate grubs.

It’s funny. I’m an RP player, so I like anything that seems to make more sense. Catching thousands of fish a day in a handful of traps is absurd.

But yeah, if you aren’t like me, this must be infuriating.

What about

in a large well that is resting on the roof of your base? :slight_smile:

Edit: can’t edit :frowning:

I also like to RP through this game. But on official it’s really difficult. Days are too short, idle thirst and hunger too high, respawn rates too high, and lots of the farming/ building don’t make sense.
The only thing you can reasonably RP is early game, otherwise there are way bigger problem than the amount of fish in your traps.

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Emberlight mod includes a new feature called ‘chroma’ that allows recoloring building pieces (maybe only vanilla ones) - I’ve no idea how to use it, but I’m pretty sure it can make stuff green :slight_smile:


Change the name of the game to “Conan needs Oil”. That would fix it.

But really, it’s too much. I mean, this is a game right? or is it work? Feels like a lot of work for a small amount of fun.


Straight up cooking food should produce oil from fatty meats. Simple fix funcom add it


Wish they would release that as a DLC.
I normally play PS4, been advance scouting for my PS4 PVP buddies.

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Yeah we could get grease from pork or bear, that’s right. Maybe human too but all those savages look undernourished so not sure.

Short of that, I think the only way to get a large supply of oil would be to find a pretext to invade Turan. Would avatars pass for a WMD??

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There’s no middle ground with FC, it is all or nothing it seems…lol. Before the patch I made mass quantities of oil so I am not POed yet…but it does seem like they could up the quantity a bit and lower the decay rate, which is really absurd.


Funny thing is that now best method to get good armor is raiding the cimmerian village. They drop armor, you can repair the armor with selfmade repair kits. It takes no time to get sets of armor grinding the village while crafting makes no sense from the time factor anymore. It’s the same with some other stuff. Grinding is often better and far less time consuming than crafting (for some stuff). They broke the crafting. The new stations are mostly senseless, far too big, much was made now overcomplicated (like tannery station, totally senseless).

Seems the motto is: “If pvp players are unhappy and hate the game how it is we make also the pve people unhappy, so it is even”. Well, they succeeded. Crafters are unhappy, PVE’s are unhappy (no good new content), PvP’s…