Fantastic Update (Fish decay after 30 minutes)

I love the changes.
Oil is truly black gold now.
Collect 100 grubs, load up the traps for exquisite fish.
Nope, its still random.
No problem… I shall log out, come back later and convert those fishy into glorious oil.
A few hours later…
They are all dead… Seems fish can only survive in water for 30 minutes (might be 45 minutes).
Such an educational game, little did i know.

Much appreciation for putting excessive grind in the game.
Now if i want to make armor I only need to spend hours at the traps attempting to get 100s of oil to
make a single set.

Why did Cyberpunk have to be delayed…


The only thing I understand here is that:

  1. You love the changes
  2. And you appreciate the grind

Jokes aside, I understand the sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue: oil is too hard to get or to buggy (fish die in 30min as you claim).

Cause they want it to be a great game

I found that using brown seeds in the liquid press gives oil as well. Grab a sickle and go cut some plant fiber as well as the fish. It’s still a grind but you get oil A BIT faster…not much though, lol.

Hey Gooseneck,

I have changed the title of this thread to be more descriptive. Your thread will be seen regardless.

Hmm, i play on a 2xHarvest Server and i find the amounts of oil im Getting quite in Order.
I have not complicated myself and only farmed insects for oil, habe not touched a SINGLE grub or bee. From 2000 insects i camed out with 1466 oil, ive gathered those insects in under 1 Hour.

But yes, from all resources i have gathered i find oil to be the black Gold indeed.

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Thanks in advance.

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