[Hopefully a Bug!] Oil of Bount: 2 Min 43 sec Duration on OBSIDIAN Tools?! Seriously?

Are you really serious that an Oil, what is THAT f****** Expesive only last 2 MINUES on a HIGH GRADE Tool?!

It is ok for Weapons in PvP to prevent people doing sh*t but… on a Tool?!
Also the “Equip Animation” everytime steal about 2-3 seconds of the Oil Dutation every time…

Imho it’s not worth anyhow to use that Oil until you got 200+ Fragments of Power left or you play on a 2x Loot Server or higher!

Also it may be okish for Single Player if no one can “steal” your Ores or Bosses but on High Pop Servers?! :smiley:

I mean it was expected that every “new” feature is not really usefull the first 1-2 Month like it was on every Patch with new Features, but this… maybe should have been much longer in Testing! :smiley:

Actually, the oils were further adjusted and what is currently on live is not what it was on TestLive. I personally believe, that it is better to release them in a weaker state and subsequently buff them based on feedback instead of the other way around (release them op and then nerf them).

Furthermore, there are very few people giving their feedback on TestLive patches so we kinda have to wait for them to go live to see what the masses think.

Feedback is always welcome though.


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