Oils Bugged! Timer does not count down in seconds

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Server type:PVE
Region: Americas

After applying oil I was gathering rock. The oil timer was not counting down by seconds. It was actually knocking off multiple seconds with every swing. After gathering for approximately 4 minutes I only had 30 seconds left on the buff. I tested this with weapons and multiple other gathering tools.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Apply the efficiency oil to a gathering took, in my case a pick axe
2.Gather items, in my case rock
3.Watch the timer go down 5-10 seconds at a time and not count down in real time
4.Get upset because your oil falls off twice as fast as it should

Have to test that again, but I was also kinda surprised how fast my blackblood pickaxe was “finished” when harvesting black ice… But never watched how it counts.

And honestly, it should behave like at thralls… Only count down, when you use that damn thing and not just only have it equipped.

Hey @Soulstis

This is intended.
Thanks for your feedback.

This oils r not worth it imo. Specially with this intended feature that drains the timer even faster.

Is it the same with weapons? Do they also lose seconds when you fight with them?

Only used the oil 1 time for farming some black ice… But when even using it reduces the time, I will not use one again… Thats just WTF mechanic.

So with a timer in second, it takes off additional seconds per swing? Can you help this make any sense at all? I really don’t understand this mechanic.

When I first used them this did not happen. I farmed the same rock pile and it had 4 minutes left on the timer. Right before posting, and after testing numerous times, I had less than a minute. So the first time was the bug, and the second time taking off twice as much time is normal?

Yes. If you swing the weapon for 4 seconds it takes off approximately 8 seconds. same with the gathering oils. Makes no sense.

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Worked for me yesterday when gathering stone. I am totally in love with the oil, and will be a sad panda to see em go.

Where would they be going?

OK. I figured out what is going on. I will find a way to post a link to the video when I can get it hosted.

I have 20+ Survival so I gather twice as fast. So when having that buff the oil is used twice as fast. In the video I start gathering stone at 8:14. I finish gathering stone and I had 5:03 left. I only used the pickaxe for 1:49 sec. So if you use the buff from survival with the oil it decreases twice as fast. If that is working as intended then time must run differently in Norway.


The peak (2nd survival) is there, to harvest the double amount of things with the same durability…

With the oil its just there, to make it faster, because it drains your durability 2x as fast…

Again flawed design mechanic, because the oil behaves different than normal modkit.

Exactly. And for the cost of the oil I don’t believe it should drain the time down twice as fast with the survival perk.

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Wow so we’re penalized for investing in Survival then? That seems really unfair to have the oils decay twice as fast when one of the main purposes of that perk is to make tools last longer. I really hope that the devs reconsider this…

Based on the feedback seen from Testlive, I decided to forgo the oils before it hit live. Until the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, I will never use an oil.



It seems confusing players with poorly designed and untested mechanics

Correct me if Im wrong which most likely I am cause Im wrong most of the time but that’s ok right who cares. Isn’t the 2nd perk on survival meant to maximize durability on the tools?? As u dont actually get double the amount of resources but instead u simply save durability by hitting stuff less n what not. Instead of 5 or 6 hits to break a rock w/o the perk it takes 2 or 3 with the perk but the yield is overall the same so… why would this perk consume more durability of the oil when its purpose is the exact opposite? ? Im confused as of how things r supposed to work. They said it’s intended but no further details of how the mechanic works so… idk again I might be wrong n maybe there’s something quite obvious that I don’t see as I often miss alot n what not but I…I…Idk this oil is never touching my pick

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Wouldnt say that… It just removes the peak benefit, because it removes double the amount of durability/time, while you get double amount of the resources.

It may be semantics, but I’d call removing the benefits of a perk that we’ve allocated our limited attribute points to unlock a penalty.

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Thats called being penalized. And you dont get double the amount of resources. You get 36 instead of 24. it would be 48 if it were double.