Did oil of bounty get nerfed or is this a bug?

When oils first came out I was getting 70 stone on first hit.
Rotation was like 70, 50, 35 <-- not exact but something like this

Currently its 36, 36, 17.

I farm stone in volcano and was getting around 20k in the first 5mins of farming. That rate has dropped greatly in the past i say 2 weeks.

Here are my farming specs: This is on an official PvEc server so 1x farming rates.
Black Blood Pick (with Bounty Oil Attached)
Survival (@ 2nd node for faster harvest)

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Pretty sure it’s working just as described. Black Blood tools harvest power is like 8-9 right? Bounty provides another 9. Survival skill will allow you to 2x the rates because you’re harvesting the node quicker.
36 is the normal max hit I’ve been getting for resources.

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I seem to have been living a wonderful life for a week with a glitch then. I got 200k stone in about 45min of pure farming when I found this oil (My furnaces could not keep up lol). I thought I found the worlds best secret since no one else was talking about it.

Im kind of bummed now :confused:


Did you also play on PvEc when you got the higher drop rates (70,50,35)?
If you did, I have no idea how this happened. But if you played on PvP during this period of time, I got a simple explanation: PvP-Servers got 2x Harvest rates. This would explain why you got twice as much as now. Tell me if this helped you :wink:

Yeah it was PvEc. Im wondering if they messed up harvest setting that week. No clue its back to normal now if it was setting error.

Pretty sure FC flupped up the oil and you kinda stacked it somehow… There are still bugs with the oil, but this bugs are either not re-doable or just happen by accident.

Hello @SindeeSyringe, ever since the Oils were introduced there were a few balancing changes and issues that have been dealt with through hot fixes, they are working as expected now.

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