Harvest rates nerf (official server)

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So, Ive been playing conan for a month now with my friends in an official PvE server. I used to get about 70-80 stones with the star metal pickaxe and survival 2 perk, per swing. But then, out of nowhere we’re getting 16? I dont know If this is a bug or if the multiplier just changed, and if it did change, why? I checked the Wiki and It appears that this is the standard harvest rate. But why were we getting so much resources before?

I play on PS4 PvE Latin American server 4523. Thanks in advance.

Still waiting for an answer since this really put us down. It makes us think about leaving for ark.

There’s no chance you were getting 70-80 stone per swing on a 1x PVE server. With 1x you seem to be getting the right amounts, if you aren’t using an effectiveness mod.

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Either you’re mistaken and thinking of a private server with significantly boosted harvest rates, or there was something seriously borked with that server configuration (which was then fixed). A star metal tool with an advanced upgrade kit and 20+ survival should net you about 20-22 resources per hit on an official PvE server. Since yours is a bit less, I’m guessing you may have a durability mod on yours instead.

Something was bugged, i MIGHT hit those number usin a bloodpick with oil of bounty AND the 2nd survival perk. If you were hittin those number with just a regular star metal pickaxe. Those are private server numbers.

Hello @Pepecator, welcome to the forums!

We had 5X rates for LATAM servers throughout the last 30 days as compensation for an unfortunate event that wiped the data from these servers:

They are now at regular 1X rates, which is the default value and in line with all other official servers.

There are private servers that offer higher Gather and XP rates, should you prefer to play within custom rulesets.


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