More resources tweak?

I watch alot of YouTube videos on the game, and notice alot of people are getting like 25+ stone/wood per hit. Is there a config file to tweak this? I only play single player, and build alot, so this would come in handy. Appreciate any help.

I do know when you play solo you can go to admin mode and change the settings, such as gather rate.

go setting and see ‘Harvest’ you can change the rate of harvest

That simple, huh? lol wow! Thanks, bud!

Yeah, I just went into settings and couldn’t change it for single player, then I came back and saw this that I skipped. How do I do admin mode? Thanks!

There’s a button that says “Make Me Admin” in the server settings panel.

Yeah, found that, too lol… Sometimes I need to stop and actually look rolls eyes

You are watching old videos that are no longer a valid version of the game. The numbers you are getting from nodes are the new standard amounts given from nodes. Yields were reduced by roughly 66%

It’s actually still possible to get these numbers. I found the tweak :slight_smile: