The gather rates update

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: EU

I would like to ask to rethink your position on the new gather rates on PvP servers. I understand you are trying to balance progression across the board, but I’m not sure if hard equal gather rates would be the way to go. As is, I am getting 8 stone per strike with a star metal pick, this hoes for almost everything, a full run on all brimstone spawns(luckily they are not blocked off on my server) nets me under 2k brimstone… in a pvp server where your base can be destroyed at any given moment it was always really nice to have the gather rates we had, because after being raided/wiped it allowed to at least build something of a functional building before the next pvp hours, this is not possible anymore unless you have a lot of clan members… making it next to impossible(I dont like to use this term) for a solo player to even live on a pvp server.

Please consider rethink your position on gather rates… even 1.5x would make a massive difference. Thank you

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Wait, what? I thought PVP, PVE-C and PVE should have the exact same harvesting rate now, and I get 17-18 stone with one swing of a star metal pickaxe with advanced tool upgrade. Even without the upgrade, it wouldn’t have been as low as 8. And it’s not just star metal pickaxe – I used the Acheronian pick, too, and it gave me something like 17 per swing (again, with advanced tool upgrade).

Is this an official server or a private one?

star metal pickaxe on official pvp gets me 14 and 15 stone per swing at 1x.

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There is a big difference between using 20 survival or not. With the perk you harvest twice as much per hit. 8 -->16

I can confirm that the numbers I’m getting are without the second survival perk. I’m currently running around with only 10 pts in survival.

8 per strike on official pvp, i do not have the second perk in survival, but this still doesnt character ge the amount I get from 1 rock, just the time I spend chopping it

Yes, but you still get the same total amounts, which are terrible… like 30 total per rock

Do you have 20 survival?


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That is weird, I can share a video of me getting 8 per hit with a star metal pick

As promised the video of me getting 8 stone per hit on official pvp with a star metal pick

Are you playing on pc with a controller? Or on xbox?
If xbox, then i don’t believe they had the update that brings greater harvest.
8 is about it with a starmetal pick with no upgrade under the old rates

Xbox, they used to be x2, but they changed it to x1 to get the same progression as pve(which is now x2…)

Seems like a questionable decision to make the rates 1x on console servers when they haven’t got the harvest rate update. Might be worth reporting as a bug or calling @Ignasi or @Hugo to mention it.

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I did this… the post was originally under updates and bugs… I guess the bottom line I added made admin move it to suggestions…

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