Star metal pickax

Maybe I missed something somewhere, but my star metal pickax with efficiency is only giving 20 stone, 32 black ice etc. Did they change the stats? And if so, what now gives more?

I am confused here. Is this on an official pvp server or? Double checked this on default rates x1:

  • Star Metal Pick + Advanced Tool Upgrade Kit - 17-18 stone per hit
  • Star Metal Pickaxe + Advanced Tool Upgrade Kit - 17-18 stone per hit

So my guess is that you are playing on a PvP server which now according to the patch notes run on default rates.

We have decided to normalize progression on all game modes. These changes not only come with a number change in server settings. Journey steps will now give less experience while kills and resource gathering events will give more than previously. This will become the new default on all official servers, and can be customized as usual for those of you running your own servers or playing in single-player/coop.

What does this mean in practical effects? Progression for PVE and PVE-C servers (and those running on default values) will see XP and resource gathering roughly doubled to what the previous default values were, while official PVP servers, who will now run these values as well, will progress at roughly half the speed than with the previous values.

Harvesting rates on all official PvP servers were recently cut in half for both the Exiled Lands and Siptah.

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