Error due to hotfix from 13.10.2020 (2Bugs)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Map: Exiled Land

[Describe the bug here]

All tools drop only half of the material on the old map. With bluttool and survive on the second perk, I only get a maximum of 24 instead of 48.

And here is another old mistake:
The elevators are not in sync with other players, they are displayed wrong, or work only badly, we are teleported back and forth.

Tool change isn’t a bug - official PVP servers have been set to 1x harvest rates to match PVE (previously PVP was on 2x harvest rates).

Elevators - I believe they are looking at this, but can’t find the earlier thread right now

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but then i wonder why in isle of siptah still 32 are falling with a star metal axe. there the collection rate is also on 1. am there also on a pvp server

That I can’t answer :man_shrugging:
I assume you have the same perks etc? Can’t see why Star Metal would be harvesting better than Black Blood - certainly shouldn’t be (unless they’ve nerfed Black Blood tools when we weren’t looking…)

Definitely it is a mistake!!! i tried it on other servers and in singleplayer with the same settings. A normal steel axe bit already 17 material without being levelled to survive. But on the server it gives only 8 with the same settings and only on the old map. on the isle of siptah servers everything fits!

Hey @Zuppel

Welcome to our community.
We’re aware of the elevator issue and it’s in our team’s to-do list.
Regarding the harvest rates, we’ll send note to our team to see if there is an issue.


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