PlayStation 4 Bug/Every Tool gives none or very few materials

Platform: PlayStation 4.
Type: Gameplay.
Mode: Online Official, PvE.
Server: 8010
Map: Isle Of Siptah.

Since the new update, no matter which tool I use, stone or star metal, I get the same amount of materials, only 6 or 12. I have Expertise Attribute fully claimed, so yeah. This needs a hotfix as soon as possible, I’m not able to farm materials like that

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Welcome to the Forum. @TrollerMaN currently playing on Siptah different tools do seem to make a difference.

Not using expertise. Official pvec 8090

Greetings TrollerMaN and welcome to our forums!
Thank you for reaching out to us.

In order for us to properly assess your issue, could you please record a video or send us a screenshot of this happening in your game?
If you wish to maintain your privacy, you can send the video recording through a private message.

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

Greetings, and thank you for replying.
I’ll drop three screenshots below.
As you can see, Expertise Attribute is fully claimed.
One hit only gave me 14 Stone and Wood, whereas with the same Tools before the update, I got 50+ every hit. This issue has happened before too, but it got fixed and now it’s back again.

PS: I get a notification saying, “new members cannot upload images”, so I can’t provide the screenshots or a video yet.

Recently there was a Boost to Harvest rates for a few weeks.
That ended several days ago.
I wonder if the lower numbers you are seeing now, are due to the fact were are back to non-boosted Harvest rates.

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Hello, there.

Thank you for your reply. I was aware of the boost, but it’s not it. I got 50+ every hit before the boost as well and now almost nothing and it happened only after the recent hotfix.

Thank you for your reply TrollerMaN!
We’ve adjusted your profile so that you can share screenshots/videos with us.

It has seemed to me the last few days that I’m getting a lot less per strike as I was before the boost too. Were harvest rates set to the same number as they were pre-boost or to something lower?

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