Harvesting rates

Is it me or have harvesting rates been cut in half. I changed my survival to 30 and am using a black blood pick to harvest brimstone nodes. I get 22 per hit and have to hit it 3 times. Before I had to hit it once and got double that amount. Can somebody fill me in on what these changes are supposed to be?

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When Siptah went to release, harvest rates on PvP and PvE servers were normalized. Previously, PvE servers were at a 1x rate while PvP were at 4x. This caused a lot of headaches when trying to balance changes.

Following that update, both PvE and PvP wer set to 2x rates. For PvEers, this had the appearance of rates being doubled, while for longtime PvPers, it would have felt like they were halved.


From your post there are actually 2 things going on.

First is they changed brimstone nodes so they now harvest in 4-5 hits like other stone and metal nodes.(2-3 with 30 in survival)

Second is your blackblood pick needs to be replaced. What @Larathiel said is true about increased rates but it doesn’t apply to old tools you had before the update. You’ll have to farm up and craft all new tools. New blackblood picks should be netting you 38-40 per swing with an advanced tool upgrade kit and 30 in survival.


Seriously? OMG I didnt know that…thank you.


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