Official server harvesting rate from 2.0 - 1-0

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With the update a few months ago it introduced this bug. I don’t know how long it should take to just switch them back but at the moment it’s annoying to go on a server where a clan had farmed up and it takes you double the time to farm.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go on xbox officials
  2. Grab a tool
  3. Farm a node
  4. Get half of what you should get

This is an intended change that came with the progression changes that came with the release of the isle of siptah

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why do I see pc having 2.0 multiplier.

I don’t think this was intentional because there are obvious unbalanced things to changing it this late in the game. Wtf.

So your telling me that they changed the resource rates without wiping the servers? No one seen any problems with that? No way.

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If it’s due to a update I don’t believe it’s related to Sipath. Console’s have not received the parity patch yet. Unless it is something that was done to official server’s only.

I don’t understand why they would change this

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Neither do I. On official server’s are the rates different from pvp and pve and pvec. I think I read it somewhere?

It used to be x1 for pve/pve-c and x2 for pvp, it is now x1 for both

“What does this mean in practical effects? Progression for PVE and PVE-C servers (and those running on default values) will see XP and resource gathering roughly doubled to what the previous default values were, while official PVP servers, who will now run these values as well, will progress at roughly half the speed than with the previous values.”

As quoted from the post

A post I made about it, i put it under bugs and glitches but it was moved to suggestions

Please dont shoot the messenger

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Nah bro nothing on you. It’s just stupid that the devs would think that it would be a good idea to just mess with server settings and give older clans on the server a ridiculous advantage… turning the rates down just makes me not want to play anymore because I can’t have a Moderate sized base without a ridiculous amount of farming. WHICH WOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM. But having other clans with huge “f*ck off” bases from previous modifiers is very frustrating.

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There is plenty of time to complain before parity patch comes out @montana1 @Baldrick so I say let’s complain I don’t play official but let’s be fair to everyone .

I’m a strictly pvp server guy and this is bs

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