Harvest rates on officials?

Since the maintenance(I presume) the harvest rates on official servers (PvP at least) have been lowered??? You only get half now? Wtf are you thinking, this is going backwards. What used to be a laborious grind to gather mats for T3 DLC we paid for was like having a second job and now we only get half as much? If you wanna bury this game on Xbox then just shut it down…stop dragging it out.

They changed the rates on pc from what I’ve seen but it could take a few server restart to kick in also some people report 90+ iron ore with iron pick so yeah they have changed it some

Also what are you trying to get that could help use say if it’s right or not


What does this mean in practical effects? Progression for PVE and PVE-C servers (and those running on default values) will see XP and resource gathering roughly doubled to what the previous default values were, while official PVP servers, who will now run these values as well, will progress at roughly half the speed than with the previous values.


@SindeeSyringe I see what you posted but how does a PC update effect Xbox? Have they changed console Official server’s? I play on private servers so I have not noticed if they have.

This slows down PvP enough that casual gamers can get their footing before being wiped by that guy that farms 12 hours a day then shi*s on noobs for fun.

In other words, most people will enjoy this change, trolls will find this change harder to swallow.

Everyone in general will suffer a little for it, but it is a good thing combined with the lack of map travel.

It should result in fewer, but nicer bases. Also less walls and satellite bases because they are harder to maintain and refresh now.

Overall good changes imo.

What I’m saying is why tf do they gotta keep “fixing” things that were not broken. These servers were poppin a few months ago, we didn’t empty them, the devs did with all their “fixing”.

Few days ago I’m getting like 22 stone per hit now I’m getting 11…and I’m not the only one upset about it. It now takes twice as long to level up, twice as long to gather the same amount of materials, twice as long to break thralls… and I’m sure this will produce twice the decline rates in server populations.

Yep, great job team :+1:

And just to reiterate …how do your employers even afford to pay your salaries/wages? I’m just baffled by how you people do things

More theme parks…yay…


I haven’t been on since the update but what I got from it was all official servers, not just PC is getting the new implementation. I personally think 2x for PvE/c is overkill since I already harvest at 2x with oils it’s gonna be 4x now. I will only need to farm once every 2 weeks. There must be a reason to lowering PvP rates I just cant think of one…

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Uniformity across all servers was the stated goal, lurking underneath may be something more sinister…lol. Personally, I agree it is overkill. Not a WhiteRabbit fan myself, but he is spot on when it comes to FC always trying to “fix” things that arent broken.

This is just blasphemy… who doesn’t like cute cuddly little white bunnies?

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U I kinda eat rabbit so I do like them just not cute and cuddly more tasty :yum: and squirrels :chipmunk: but on harvest I wonder if it may have something tied to less offline raids.

@Gloatingtomb6 I see a backfire. Making it harder and more laborious to get red and mats is just make people wanna go take the other guys stuff even more, just because it’s easier. I seriously don’t know who’s making these decisions but they’re obviously biased against the PvP community. PvP is not some hardcore game mode versus PvE being the easy setting. PvP is CE’s full content, should be the base value or whatever, then consider the other 2 as safe spaces(IMO) but what they did here is basically just drive current PvP players away and assure that nobody from the other server types migrates to PvP

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I agree that the harvest rates are poorer now and that it will have negative impact as well as positive. I myself would like a pvp server that is my single player settings 0.1 on all exp and harvest with x2 craft costs and x3 thrall crafting time and 0.5 full burn with 2.5 crafting speed. But that’s me but until 2 or 3 weeks of given it a try and see how it does and then they make adjustments. But the q&a is on Tuesday so I’m sure they have answers on these changes but give it a good try and see what adjustments need made then leave feedback to make it better

Or they could just leave it be (put it back to like it was) coz there was nothing wrong with the previous settings and I don’t recall anyone complaining about harvest. However thrall pots are still broken, game still crashes, servers still suck, gods are back and only last 30 seconds for the low price of 1 archpriest, 1 tier 3 shrine and just 500 zeal but hey, let’s make the grinding double what it was…

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