Do NOT put 2x on Officials!


Please reconsider this, 2x harvesting on Official PvP servers will throw off the balance. You already made harvesting easier and faster, do not double the gain aswell.


@AndyB Why move this? Many people are not aware that you guys are changing the Official PvP servers to 2x, this kind of last minute change is not wise at all. Let people know so they can yell out before the servers go live.


Thank you for your suggestion and feedback :slight_smile:


Official x2 ? Why ? That’s so not cool !


@AndyB We have had 1x on Officials for 14 months, and you change this the day the game launch. Give us at least 1 server with 1x, and you will see it will be the most popular one, people would queue for hours for it. Come on… This will be a mistake, fix it before its made.


In one you say 1x in the other you say 2x. Thats why people doesn’t know! Nobody wants 2x on all PvP Officials.


I apologize for the confusion. Official PvP will have 2x Harvesting. Again, thank you for your suggestion and feedback - we’ll consider it as we move forward. :slight_smile: