Officials PVP servers, x1 rates instead of x4 XP and x2 harvest + full sunday raiding


I just check two Official PVP server (1080 + 1078), and rates are x1 instead of x4 XP and x2 harvest before.

PVP building damage is strange for sunday, see below. Must be 18:00 / 00:00 like the others day and no full day 00:00 to 00:00.



Can someone please fix theses officials servers settings before this evening? I want to start a new character soon!

this change is intended , read last patch notes on this thread :

I think we need a confirmation for x1 xp and x1 harvest on officials pvp.

Normally, there will be no raid time settings change so it has to be set for Sunday to like the others days.

And before it was 17/23 and no 18/24.

Hey @Selene01

This is intended, as mentioned in our announcement here:

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I think the confusion on the rates comes from the following 2 changes:
Before you had x2 harvest rates but lower harvest power on the tools
Now you have x1 harvest rates but your tools gather twice as much on the new default rates. Their harvesting power is increased.

Same for xp. Before you needed higher rates because levelling was slow, now you can level pretty quickly even with x1 rates.

Thanks Ignasis for clarification for xp and harvest rates.

Can you please check the Sunday raid Times? Normally it must be set like the others days.

Sorry but they already said than it was intentes, just read the patch note…

Hey @Selene01

According to the master server settings, there’s no difference in settings between Sundays and other days of the week. Could you specify in which server you’re seeing those settings incorrectly?

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I can confirm that the same sunday setting (00.00-00.00) is active in my official pvp server (EU). I will send you the number in private.

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1080 and 1078 last evening. I have put a screenshot at the beginning of this post.

Sunday is from 00:00 to 00:00.

I am at work if someone can check now.

There is still the problem for sunday after the update of today.
(Server has been restart before 17h00).

I also believe the raid times should be 5PM till 11PM (if unchanged from before). Appears that they are now 6PM till midnight.

Btw, I’m seeing the same odd Sunday time on 1931 as well.

Ignasis the raid time on the official PVP I play on had building damage always 5pm - 11pm EST everyday and I was under the impression it was an eastern time zone server (1944).

Was this changed?

The settings after the update show building damage 18:00 (6 pm) - 00:00 (12 am) Monday - Saturday
AND 00:00 (12 am) - 00:00 (12 am) ALL DAY Sunday? Or No building damage Sunday? Confused

The patch notes in the link you posted above reads as follows.

While these settings are completely customizable in private servers, on officials we will introduce the following changes:
For PVE and PVE-C Official PC servers, there will be no changes.

On official PvP servers , there will be no changes at launch. We will be investigating some issues that affect PVP mechanics and we’ll be working on fixing them in a future update. Once that happens, and based on telemetry from private servers who chose to enable these settings, we will be adjusting them on official servers.

The fact that it states there will be no changes at launch confuses me. Please clarify this for me.


Sunday settings are being investigated at the moment. It seems to be a UI bug that shows incorrect start time values. Our team is looking into it to see if it is not just visual.
Regarding the raid times window, they’ve seen no change from this end, so if they shifted an hour it could be daylight time adjustments once all servers went into maintenance prior to the launch of update 2.0.

Thank you Ignasis
If they did shift, please shift it back to 11PM (a bit more reasonable for folks who have to work the following am).

As it is, there are folks who wait for the 10PM till 11PM window to raid folks in the hope of offlining folks. Pushing the end to midnight will make it that much worse.

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