Gathering rates on PC are already x4

Exiles Event March 4 through March 6:

Does this mean that it will increase to x6 or decrease to x2?

Are we talking about Progression: PLAYER XP HARVEST MULTIPLIER (currently at x1) or Harvesting: HARVEST AMOUNT MULTIPLIER (currently x4)?

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They’ve referred to it as double gathering rates in the past, so…

x8 for PvP servers?

This weekend only, butcher a rabbit and feed yourself for a year!


That would be nice, I hope that is what they meant.

I play exclusively on Official PVP and the change to x4 has been welcome and well received by most. It has made the journey to battle so much quicker and given newcomers to a server more of a fighting chance especially against longstanding server clans.


Confirmed to be doubled! WEH

I am seeing a discrepancy though.

PVP x8
PVE-C x4
PVE x2

I can understand why this is. I’m PVP so I didn’t know the rates were different for the other modes? Were they normally x2 and x1 respectively?

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