Where's the 4x bonus XP?

Checked the few servers I’m on and they don’t seem to have restarted and so they don’t have the bonus XP.
Anyone know whats going on with this or if other servers are affected?

Their twitter says its going on but don’t see any XP.

Are you using official PvP servers? Only those are getting the bonus.

ya man, specifically offical pvp server 1800, never restarted in the early AM and is still at 1x XP

1800 is cancer. that server has like 10 trillion placeables and server FPS of 6-8

Concur - on another PvP server no 4x. Scrolled through a lot of the Officials - their settings still say 1.0 for XP.

Same on 1599. I think I may have noticed a change later today, but can’t confirm. Figures Funcom would even manage to have their XP event bug.

Is this active? I just got the game for my wife and I and we were pretty excited about the xp event but it doesn’t seem to be working. We are on an official pvp server.

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