FEEDBACK NEEDED – 4x XP on PvP Servers: Yay or nay?


Dear Exiles,

For the past month we’ve had a 4x XP multiplier on the official PvP servers on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, where killing, harvesting and crafting would give you 4 times the amount of experience points you’d normally get.

Now we wanted to ask the community if this was something you wanted to keep as the standard PvP settings?

Where's the 4x bonus XP?

nah, leveling was way to fast, you skip to much, crafting 100 t3 foundations will bring you easily from 56 to 60, and clearing new asgarth and mounds gives you tons of XP aswell, you do not experience the game enough, skip to much, the bosses which are meantt for lower levels are an even bigger joke this way and all the tiers of tools and weapons inbetween become obsolete, personally I skipped everything between iron tools and acheroinin tools because there wasn´t a need to use anything else, I skipped several axes too. I leveld from 0 to 60 in three days, could have easily done it in two, with a hardcore session maybe even in one day.
the PvE aspect in official is way to casual anyways, if you keep 4 times you could just get rid of the levelsystem entierly and delete the early tiers of armors, tools and weapons aswell^^

For me, the opposite is the case, I would love to have some servers with “barbaric” settings to feel more of the PvE aspect and have an actual challenge (at least sometimes)


Yes. If you don’t grind it feels like a good pace. If you choose to grind you can make good progress and level up kind of fast.

For me it encouraged me to try a pvp server again for the first time in two months.i had been wanting to for weeks but couldn’t stomach the grind yet again. Especially after endless toxic pvp servers the first two months the game was out. At first I thought it was one weekend and all do. I leveled up found a clan and the past two weeks have been the most fun I’ve had yet.


4x is ridiculous. 1x is too easy because of 2x resource gather which is also too easy and helps speed up the xp too. Everything should be set to 1x.

Like other’s are saying, you skip past content. For example, why have a jungle meant for lvl 20-40ish if you are only going to be in that level range for a few hours?

Also raid hours should not exist and be all the time on Pvp servers. Why? Because there is no way to set them to be “fair”. People have different work schedules. The only equalizer is to open it up 24x7. No more feeling like you need to log on during certain hours (like my dinner hour). Also for lore… how do buildings become magically immune to damage anyhow?


Leveling is easy if you want that.


Yes keep it, I don’t know what the others are talking about, but servers are getting repopulated faster, people can have a chance to switch servers easier aswell.It’s not hard to level but after 2-3 times getting to 60 it gets really really really boring.People that get raided quit the game, now most just start playing on another server.Think about the people that are not hardcore.Keep it!


For pvp 4x is great as it allows people to level fast to be able to keep competitive and then they can stroll the map and dungeons quicker. Allows new players to catch up much easier


No leveling up is way too quick with the 4x settings, you get to end game way too quickly.


Yes. It’s nice knowing I can change servers easily and re-grind to max level with minimal effort.


4x is way to easy, PvP servers should stick with the 2x multiplayer for farming but the normal 1x on levelling.


The 4x experience is nice for folks who need to move on due to unforseen circumstances of their regular server, (Chinese B’S invasion), however with proper coding perhaps set 4x to level 40 or 45 then back to 1x to avoid folks getting tired of the ease near max level.


PvP Yay


Everything should be 1x.


Yes, keep it at x4. It makes it nice to switch servers. Especially when you current server is dead… the last thing you want is to be harrassed by an alpha clan while going through one hell of a grind to 60. So yeah… times 4 helps even the fight a lil bit faster. Makes switching servers less dreadful… to an extent.


no, this is not a solution for the PvP, this is a patch. What the PvP needs are open servers.


My advice is to scrap the 4x exp and 2x resource, there are private servers for that kind of stuff.

The solution to the issue you face is to make some PvP servers level 60, that is when you make a character on these servers the character starts out at level 60. I realize there will be some minor coding, but do this and see how popular the servers are.

When people get driven from a server the thought of creating a new character and leveling it up all while facing well established players on a new server is daunting. Give me a level 60 and I can be competitive in a day or so of playtime.


Keep it at 4x. Servers die, players get wiped. The grind back to 60 is enough to make players go play other games instead of starting over in a new server


Agreed, its either this or server wipes at certain times on pvp servers that may keep the run to power fun and a struggle for all alike, like seasons in diablo, it works if the content are replayable.


As someone who juggles work and family I get very little time to play. The grind is too much for someone like me, who you have to think must be the majority of gamers out there due to the mature content and age restriction. Keep it,. Hardcore players can rent their own servers


Yes keep it 4x it helps when moving servers to keep up with the main competitors on those servers