FEEDBACK NEEDED – 4x XP on PvP Servers: Yay or nay?


I’ve found that -for me- having my private server configured to 1.25 all XP, and a x5 rate to collection, with everything else set to normal is very enganging, not so “normal” that you last ages to rise a little, but also not so “boosted” that it becomes too easy.


Which is why 4x exp sounds good…
if those are events.
Hold them at holiday weekends and everything is fine. Get a peak in player numbers every once in a while.

But way more importantly: if you want players to stick to the game, dont cause frustration for them because they couldnt log in at all a whole week causing their stuff to go poof. 21 days is too long, I guess most people think so. But at 6 days? Only plunderers gain from that.

Other than that…
Why no limited period servers? I think those are a better idea then being stuck with a huge amount of “dead” servers. Those would be set up to align with player peaks due to such events and/or holidays. (and of course the times when new stuff gets implemented and lots of players get back into the game again)
Just make them hold for a month or two and tell players the time of the wipe (or even deletion) of those servers in the lobby. It’s a bad thing to only show that servers will be wiped without telling when that is going to happen. This only requires a lil description text on those servers in the list. Maybe twitterlike? 240 long?

Since 100 player server dont seem to be realistic to hope for, that is the only idea I still have.


Tough call. 4x does make it too easy to get to 60 imo but getting to 60 is just the start since you’ll still need a base, thralls and materials so it may well be a good compromise. Especially for people who have played to 60 before.

Could always try multiple options on different servers and see what people actually play though the logistics of that seems daunting.


Maybe do some of the servers 4x xp. Or events every few months that offer 4x Xp.


hi im still solo and in the 40’s level, but i have most things at 1x settings, but made the following changes:

2x exp
quicker thrall converting speed
but quicker fuel/food consumption speed to balance.

maybe the best thing, is to have 2 or 3 different server settings, and then to have 50% of the servers use 1 setting, and 50% to use the slightly faster setting. (or about 33% if a few versions).

that way there are only 2 or 3 official server builds to maintain, but lots of servers for different players to play on, such as 1x, 2x, and 4x


I would say ONLY if you introduced a new server option for Official servers that reset monthly or bi monthly. There is a user base of PvP players that enjoy that fresh start and fighting for things with other clans.

Would be nice if these servers had a smaller clan limit like 10 or something too. Im sure it wont happen but would be nice to see some of these instead of so many empty officials out there please.




It took someone on my server 45 minutes to go from lvl 38 to 60. 45 MINUTES. That’s way too fast. He made about 300 t3 foundations. So, do I think x4 is good? Nope. Not at all. People who get to 60 too fast and with nothing “invested” are going to be turnstile players. I could see opening up faster leveling periodically as an event, but definitely not permanently.

The issue on pvp isn’t about how quickly someone can level. It is about who can destroy you while you are vunerable. Resources reduce vunerability. Gear reduces vunerability. Yes, that makes it important to get to 60, but then the boredom sets in if you have a server with some sense of honor instead of a chaotic free for all. If you get too many people leveling too fast then they have zero reason to stick around when someone griefs them and destroys what little they have (remember, fast leveling means not much time to get your resources banked up). In addition it means the griefers will have an easier time mowing through multiple servers because they will min/max their way through the levels and have fun destroying the hard work of others for their own amusement. Is this the kind of environment we want to encourage?
I say no!


Thank you everyone for the feedback. We’ll weigh the options and make a decision based on the discussion in this thread. :slight_smile:




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