Change the XP modifier for PvE official servers to be the same as PvP


Why is the PvP XP gain for followers 4x like at PvE? Is my LIFETIME worth less than PvP players?

Who come even up with that idea and what for?

Do (FUNCOM) honestly believe PvE players will level up dancers, when it needs quite some time?

@Ignasi @Hugo Many PvE players are upset about this setting… I personally know 2 PvE players who stopped playing because of that, because their life is not 24/7 Conan Exiles (and neither is yours, yet you penalize PvE players).

I dont care for what reasons someone needs a thrall… (PvP VS PvE), but it should be the same XP gain.

Also for thrall limit, you said at your livestream that you cannot distinguish between PvP and PvE and have an own setting for PvE (like higher cap).
Yet the XP x4 multiplier and the resource x2 multiplier says otherwise…


The world is harsher for PvP servers. More people play on PvP than PvE on Officials.

This is the reason for the 4X bonus.

In PvE if you die , your follower goes back to start point you had set.

In PvP your follower will most definitely be killed by the player/players.

It takes one day to level a thrall to 20 maybe even less if your with a group all the time.

I dont see a reason to change it.


Its not about losing the thrall, but about getting bad attributes or bad perks.

When I get a -Str perk at lvl20 and I needed 4 times longer, it is annoying/inconvenient.

And I dont want PvP XP to be nerfed, but give PvE at least X2.


I don’t think anyone’s proposing to decrease the PVP multiplier, but to increase the PVE multiplier.

However, I think the real reason for the difference is to keep PVE players occupied between the new content releases. On a PVP server, players won’t get bored between releases because of the PVP dynamics. If a PVE server had the same settings, the players would breeze through the new content and then get bored.

I’m not saying I like this approach, but at this point I’m pretty sure that’s why things are the way they are.


Having been playing at the 1/4 rate of PvE for weeks now, I’m 100% in agreement with @jot29 on this one. To put it mildly, it is horrible and off-putting. Even starting a brand new character and advancing back up to level 60 without any help from my other accounts or other players is faster and more enjoyable than trying to get a purge thrall to 60 under these rates.

To those who say, “oh well PvE players have nothing else to do to keep busy, it should be this way” kindly stay in your own lane. I’ve played CE to the virtual exclusion of any other games since launch and have never had issues finding stuff to keep my interest before, and I certainly don’t need to be handed busy-work like I’m a school child.

If anything, having to keep grinding out thralls is pulling me away from the activities that have held my interest for so long and are actively making the game more tedious and less enjoyable.

So yes, please separate the XP rate for leveling thralls from that of advancing player characters, and make the thrall leveling rate equal to that of PvP. This 1/4 rate penalty (yes 1/4 because the system was clearly balanced around PvP making that the real 1x rate) is truly maddening.


Thankyou for raising this issue Jot29, I was going to do so myself, but it appears that you beat me to it. I have currently not raised any followers higher than level 9 on account of this disparity. I see no justifiable reason why PvE servers should be subjected to lesser harvest rates and experience gains than PvP servers. Everyones time is equally valuable.



I think that is part of it. There were a lot of these type things in the last release. Alex even stated many were to slow down the harvesting because the economy is getting off tilt on officials, and it is really easy with dedication on any server to have a vault of excess in less than 24 hours of game play.

Wait, hold on. Did he say that or is that how you interpret what he actually said? If he really did say that, could you point me to where so I can watch/read the whole context?

I remember that he said, in dev stream, that they want to balance the economy and that he took T3 building costs as an example. What you said is different and sounds really, really worrying. The last thing PVE needs is slower grind :frowning:


I sincerely believe that it is difficult to compare the pve with pvp, now considering that in pvp the npc are fundamental for the defense of both purging and against other players the experience rate is fine, which I do not like at all in both modes of game is that slaves are used to fight bosses while the player only throws cursive arrows

the XP rate may be fine with fighters.
But needing 4x longer to level up a damn dancer?

PvP needs 2 UC runs to get it to level20.
At least make it x2.

PS.: Do you play PvP or PvE?

On PvE servers standard speed of thralls leveling, it’s not slower it’s just standard

On PvP servers x4 because you have much less time for farm and thralls leveling

It was in the stream where they answered questions about the new dodge and movement right after patch was released., where he talked about the slow movement in general and how it tied to multiple areas.

On the one hand, people in PvP complain about OP thralls… But you can make them faster, because of what reasons exactly?

And honestly, do you think PvE players have all the time in the world? o_O
NO, we dont.

Is the normal XP/leveling for your char different? No or? So why for thralls, that so many hate anyway?


I play pvp and sincerely I would like the game to be again x1 and not like now that in two days you are 60 of level but you can not ask for pears to the elm. (a saying in Spain)

So normal XP gain for a player is also not x1 for PvP? Thought only harvesting rate is x2.

And yeah, what a strange thing that PvP say “x1 is fine for PvE” :wink:

I would also be fine to remove ALL legendaries in PvP, so they dont get nerfed into oblivion, because of crying PvP players :smiley:

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I prefer to play both experience and collection x1, I do not care whether it is pvp or pve and if it were possible to raise the level limit it would be great but they will not do it. just answer me: for this there is the option of private servers, but I think that if the game itself has three levels of difficulty because there are no servers with these levels?
in pvp the collection is at x2 and the experience is x1 but it is fictional because the experience by death and collection is x4 or x2.
for me the pvp and pve servers should be configured the same
I use Google to translate and write if they read something weird I apologize

I understand the higher harvesting rates at PvP, as one of your goals is Killing each other, where you often need resources for it.

But as the XP for players is the same in PvP and PvE, i dont get this X4 multiplier at all.
Why even x4?

In PvE you will mostly want to have perfect thralls. I am at my 4th thrall to reach lvl20 and this 4 are all my personal thralls. After that I will level up guarding thralls.
Well, one is already a guard, as she got the -str perk at lvl20…

And one Lvl 10 fighter is an archer, as he got the archer perk at lvl10

The x4 xp rate is because in PVP a level 60 has significant advantages because of the recipe locks behind each level. PVP official are about getting leveled up and preparing for battles that can come any time (raid window) whether you are built up or not. Not that i am agreeing with it or disagreeing with it. Conversely, PVE has 2 main combat “enemies” the purge and NPC’s. NPC’s are totally under player control when to confront, and purge is something you see coming with bar that grows.



Kidding, of course, but yeah I think that a 1X rate would really be painful, especially with the perk “rewards” being as aggravating as they currently are. Give ‘em 1.25x :kissing_heart:

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According to an other user, the normal player XP is x1. So the road to level60 is the same, so I dont get your answer :smiley:

What is the rate in PvE-C? Where enemies can even kill your thrals…