Seriously Funcom... Double xp weekend..?

It already only takes 1 - 3 days to hit max level… lol whats the point in even having a leveling system… just make everyone lvl 60 at the start


I like the fast leveling I play on multiple servers and it helps get to 60 without just grinding all the time. It may suck for someone who only plays one server but for those that have toons on several it’s a relief.

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I couldnt agree more with this person. After 350 more hours of playing and 5 characters to 60, I tend to prefer higher leveling phase more because I enjoy it more as a 60 in this game… well if it was too easy then they could just add more levels

I’ve been playing for 3 weeks and I just hit 50. Not everyone plays 5-6 hours a night, or plays specifically to grind experience. Grinding out vaults and T3 is boring as hell. Furthermore, if it’s so easy to hit 60 already then what difference does it make to you?

Seriously, I’ve seen you posting, you will literally find something to complain about no matter the circumstance


I agree with this post…I am in the same boat as you basically… the xp grind gives no diversity… its literally sit there and craft T3 or vaults …I wish there was more variety in the xp gains…

I think they need to off double xp more or make a potion in game or something cause sitting there doing that long grind is kind of sickening

And lets be honest… alot of 60’s were lucky enough to hit it with the location XP prior to its nerf…which I felt they shouldnt have nerfed it

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Yeah the nurf was total BS. If people don’t want to level fast then don’t. I could play for weeks and not hit 60 the way it was. Now I have to grind for hours on end to get to the point I enjoy playing.


The only people complaining about being leveling too fast are the ones that are already there and don’t want competition to hold their spot in a server. Mostly alpha clans that are scared of losing their status. Keep everyone low level means easy raids and able to push out new players. I wish one thing to be added to game. Cross server toon movement. My group would love to go to other servers to challenge the alpha’s.

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I have to agree with you the double XP thing seems counter intuitive to the normal gameplay.

The only reason I can see that this would be don’t is to give people the chance to switch servers and quickly return to their previous power level. I know alot of people are complaining about lost progress on server switch. I do not think this is a good idea at all but it seems the only answer for it to me

no one enjoys grinding… they should rework how exp is earned completely.

and getting to lvl 60 really fast… has very little do to do with “grinding” btw… just journal check offs

When is that double exp weekend?
I have small players in my Clan who struggle to get to 60 after the exploration nerf.
So its the perfect time to push them hard.


Likewise, I’ve been playing my character for a few weeks and am only level 40. Not everyone is racing to 60!

If you don’t like the double xp weekend, then just don’t take part.


lol exploration xp should have never been so high anyways… its super easy to level just do your journals…

I am lvl 60… been that way for nearly a month now… once they fix leveling and make it actually worth playing maybe ill remake my character…

I can not help it there are players like you that do not understand how to play the game at all… ignorance is bliss… and if everyone played at that pace ti would be a lot more fun.

but with the Double Xp weekend I bet i could hit lvl 60 in about… 6 hours

sorry for posting here XD

Are you for real chum ? I’m having a great time levelling slowly and enjoying the game, and you’re on here whining about how much you dislike the game in one way or another, and I’m the one doing it wrong ?


Jog on sonny.



see… I play on a PvP server… where … well you can’t play at your own slow pace if you want to be competitive…

you play how everyone else does or you get your face stomped in over and over … and over again…

especially if your on an Asian server with … dozens of Chinese clans and your clan is the only “foreign devil” clan. we have had fights where its 8 Chinese guys versus one of my clan… many times… we win… a lot so they call us devils… also we have sooo many bases on the map, which are mostly empty to get them to waste tons of resources thinking its “the big lottery base” … we completely walled in the volcano obelisk, in a way it would take way to much resources to break through then its really worth…

ok so maybe we are the foreign devils … my point is… there are new clans popping up all the time on the server we are on… and literally lvl 60 in 3 days… no just 1 guy… usually about 5-10 at a time…

if the journal exp was fixed so you can’t get exp from higher tiers without any real effort… well then it would take down those power levelers… as well as help make the over all gaming experience… on pvp servers at least a bit more fun.

I personally would love to see lvl 30 clans just duking it out in the oasis and such…

don’t get me wrong when i make statements like this… I truly like the game… just wish it would have been more thought out on certain things…

I don’t condone ill tone or words that induce sore feelings here, save that for the Exiled Lands, but @zaphieon is making a very important point. In PVP levels are all. Once you have 60, all in your orbit have 60 within hours. Thus it’s a bit difficult to ever do anything meaningful on a PVP server.

Example: solo I was attacked by a dominant clan with self proclaimed 200 bomb-kit and 250 orbs of each kind per player. They leveled my IceSpire cave base. Spite killed the altars. Flat. Why? Not because of skill, but because the clan leader leveled by Day 2. Sucker me, solo.

Example 2. It’s simply a matter of time before any place I exist on a public server becomes a harvestable asset to the alpha who’s been gathering human nodes since Day 2.

We should have a leveling variable for PVP environments that keeps this from happening again. I mean, I learned very early, but what’s the point?

Man this guy complains about everything…maybe op should move on to another game as there seems to be nothing about conan he likes besides raging on the forums. Funcom could offer to send out everyone who bought the game monthly dividend checks and op would say this somehow ruins his game experience in some convoluted but snarky manner.

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1-3 days??? How the hell is that possible?? I’ve been playing since launch, mind you, only an hour or 2 a night, and am only level 22. A double XP weekend would be great for me…

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