Way too easy to get to 60 with Point-Of-Interest exploration

Go on a 1x server, knock out all the easy Exile Journey objectives. Once you are 20-25, start running the map and hitting all the exploration hotspots.

At first, the XP is slow, but after you discover about 40 locations, the XP ramps up exponentially, giving you about 20-30% of a level with each POI you hit.

There are maps online you can copy over and watch as you run, so you hit every point.

This makes it way too easy to hit 60. Once everyone knows about this, leveling won’t be an issue and everyone will be capped.

I’m not saying I want people to be at a disadvantage, but the fact that you can hit level cap in less than a day is troubling for a game made for long-term progression.

My clan and I can agree: this needs to be nerfed!


I personally would prefer to see experience come solely from combat and combat-related journey steps.


Building and crafting too.

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I must be missing something, because it sure doesn’t feel that fast to me.


You make a good point. I think crafting should be easy to max out. It seems every game makes it a grind to make decent stuff. just sayin

If you know what your doing you can get to level 60 in about 6 hours. Yeah it needs to be turned down.

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What’s funny is it is currently nerfed compared to pre-launch. In EA discovery locations would get you 60 in about 6 hours.

Remember when you could just stand on the broken highway for about an hour and get max level?? Lol

Lol!!! The good ol days?? But in all seriousness, there is an element of getting to 60 too fast that passes over some of the enjoyment of the game. That being said, for PvP servers, I appreciate being able to get to 60 quickly. The PVE server I play on I dont even think about leveling, I just focus on enjoying the work and the world.

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I agree. Pve levels don’t matter as much.

I can understand the xp where it’s at if servers were wiped every few months because of how easy it is to get everything but since they ain’t wiping officials anymore, I’d be ok with slowing xp down

I guess a guy could always reroll and enjoy it all over again.

That’s why I’m on my second character since launch.

There is no end game so most of the enjoyment comes from the journey to the end.

I play PvE solo and level matters. Seems like it takes forever to get high enough to open the chests for the WBs.


Just check out the many threads talking about how you can get to 60 in 6 hours. (This is one of them)

I actually enjoy the journey to the top. Leveling too fast would make this game get boring too fast.

I would only want to level quickly in PvP, not PvE.

I have seen the threads, but I feel that just because it can be done does not mean that someone should make the effort.

I agree.

It just seemed like you thought leveling was too slow, yet there are ways to speed it up.
If you wanted to level just a little bit faster all you have to do is a few journey steps or some exploration - you wouldn’t have to grind it all out in a few hours.

It’s quite nice really that thorough exploration is rewarding. I’m lvl 30 with maybe 1/3 of the map explored, and having an actual reason to explore has added much quality of life to my playtime. Yeah, sure someone can probably hit lvl 60 in 6 hours the 2nd time around, but I guarantee no brand new Day 1 noob who never played before hit 60 in 6 hours.

Please don’t nerf the regular, normal 50% of us because of what the tip of the top of the 0.1% can do.


I think the journey steps are just fine.

Also I think that exploring should grant experience as well, but maybe a way lower number.
Is a % amount of exp possible? And to fix that to 1-3% for each one?

At the same time, each and every journey step should maybe grant 50% of current value.
Then leveling up takes a lil more time. Though then its all about farming materials for vault leveling and a t4 carpenter yet again…
No matter which way you turn, there will always be “the” best ways to level up quickly.
But even with that being said… Who actually uses it?
Though for pvp, its a whole else matter I guess.

And that stands on the other side.
This whole lvl 60 rushing isnt all that great. I think a good location for the base is more important.

I think the real endgame of this game totally depends on how you play the game. Wether you kill other players or raid their bases in pve-c/pvp or if you just build a really neat base in pve/pve-c and get all those emotes and stuff. In some ways this game can be endgame from right the beginning, even if it seems like being a newbie at level 15.

But still.
It seems too fast.

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Sounds reasonable to me.

Did they Nerf the exp gained recently? I’m on single player and have discovered about 5 poi and haven’t gained any exp at all.

Definitely getting much enjoyment out of taking my time on this game. Only lvl 36 on one of the newer pvp servers, but I’ve spent time base building and learning the basics, like how to smelt iron.