Boost level cap to 100 but,

Decrease the experience need for 1-60 by half.

I also want the amount of exp gain by alot.

Everything you should do should have the experience increase by 75%.

This way low levels can catch up to top dogs.

Also lv 60 world bosses would have a reason for experience gain and another reason to fight them.


Yes, funcom please do this. Tired of high level 60’s killing me in PVP. The gap is so huge.

I want this too. Ark made the player weak. Yucky of a game. In open world sandboxes I always end up with players not knowing what they’re doing. I rather have more skill points,but for that to happen. It’s just easier to boost the level cap. I like the idea of reduce experience. This helps new players and close the gap. My team becomes strong is a plus for me. Less babysitting more things done.

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Hell no.

Right now you hit iron level way to fast allready, before you are close to iron nodes. Even if you beeline from desert to the first iron nodes you are past lvl 10, not counting the fact you have nowhere near enough materials to make blacksmith and wheel of pain and temple and tools and… you get the idea.

What they could do is making some iron and coal nodes further south around noob river, so people atleast get to iron a little earlier.

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@Darkspear your data wrong.

Not all Iron weapons are unlockable at 10. Iron 1 handed-sword is Level 10.

So lets clear the air. The first of each Other Iron weapon or upgrade from stone unlocks at:

Daggers: Level 13

Shield: Level 20

Two-Handed: Level 15

Throwing Weapon: Level 12

Bow: Level 20

Remember these aren’t the best Iron weapons. They’re just the early ones.

Just the ASAP Iron weapons.

Level 10 is weak.

Play on a xp boosted private server, where you can level to 60 in no time. 5 times servers will leave you with leveling too fast, where you pass up content. Leave the regular xp alone. It’s nice having different servers with different xp levels and gathering rates. They aren’t changing xp because these options are available!

Increasing the level cap though seems like a real nice idea! It’s been discussed before so who knows. :thinking:

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I want reduce xp for base 1-60.

I also want experience increased by everything.

I want to get players to high levels fast.

The gap of levels closes between new and topdogs.

If I remember correctly world bosses give xp.

100 would be an even number.

Many games stop at 99. I hate stoping at 99. It looks so ugly.

Private games aren’t official servers.

If somthing make it hardet to level up…

LVL 10 is Start of iron tier, i never said we could get all iron there.
We need iron for wheel of pain before we can start thralling up the place 100 bars worth.
we need 100 bars worth for blacksmith i think it is.
we need iron bars to make the religious tool before we can even start collecting for upgrade at lvl 20.
alot of stuff need iron at the 10-15 lvl mark, and rushing along is just plain stupid.

If you really want to skip ahead so fast you wont even get the base resources you need for a couple of essential things until you are lvl 30-40+. you would still swing around stonetools. Not to mention you would enter steel territory and bypass iron completely, and then struggle to get ressources to make steel.

Add a few iron and coal nodes in the south around newb river and alot of these issues will be alleviated. Not gone, but less of a pain.


Perks as they are. Unknown data for sorcery. We could get another stat for sorcery.

Error in your data. T2-T3 builds.

1 Iron weapon,1 steel weapon,1 hardened steel weapon and 1 star metal weapon.

That’s what I recommend you have unlocked.

Iron needed for steel,steel for harden steel and etc.

Stone tools and weapons are out class by iron tools and weapons.

Whay not? its far to easy to get max level.

Oh, someone was bored again.

I think there is no single good reason for your suggestion.
Level 100 will deepen that gap even more.

Decrease the experience need for 1-60 by half.

That by itself would be a great idea to reduce the gap. But you want lvl 100 on top.

Everything you should do should have the experience increase by 75%.

Just feels wrong.
I remember the time prior to north when leveling seemed far away from being as easy as it currently is.
If leveling up swiftly is desired, people run up to the north, build a small camp there, and probably go exploring first - getting all those locations on the map. Or they just kill northern thralls and stock up on resources (mainly steel) due to their drops.

This way low levels can catch up to top dogs.

If the levelcap gets increased to 100 it will make catching up even more extreme. Not to mention the gap in perks and stats.

Also lv 60 world bosses would have a reason for experience gain and another reason to fight them.

Thats the only thing of your post being true. However, that applies from 20 on for a single boss. Though if you were to use stairs to kill bosses (exploiting if you ask me, to have the bosses die due to falldamage)…

Thats true for the vanilla game without any DLC. However even a single DLC will allow for all iron weapons to be unlocked at lvl 10, if you unlocked their stone versions.

You should have properly read the answer.
It’s telling how people end up being lvl 30 before they got enough resources to even place a blacksmiths bench. That person is unlikely to need tips I think. Though I would think that of most forum users, since they are likely to read up on stuff or think themselves about it.
Except for a very few cases… :wink:

And if you make lv 100 Everything made to day will be usrless , to low level. Just lock at WoW´s history, every time they ad levels all old stuff become enpty and discarded and everyone was only on the new map!

I don’t know about the level cap but rubber band style leveling might be a good thing. That is, the XP multiplier of a new player is determined by the number of existing players on the server who are higher level.

You can’t cheat players of the experience of leveling up. Leveling players faster if there are more higher levels will feel like cheating to many I bet. A lot of folks want to experience the game as intended. Otherwise leveling has no point.

There should be a few servers, even official where you start at level 60, everything is unlocked and you just duke it out. Call it a Battle Royal! I would like a spectate mode to watch all these nuts try to build and run around getting killed by stone weapons in their underwear. This way you’d skip progression, exploration, unlocking recipes, etc. to just try to survive! I imagine thralls and pets would be a mood point too as it would take too much time to develop them. Plus they’d die pretty fast if put out.

Add back in the weapon damage to structures instead of the now 1 damage per hit(everyone’s level 60) and make them a carnage server. The server would either be super laggy with constant combat or run pretty smooth due to nothing lasting very long (self-maintenance). Add in a random spawn super overpowered Conan instead of the purge or shrinking bubble, that can kick in doors and slaughter people and you got a whole new game. This would help also with pets and thralls if they needed weeding out. I’d bet the dessert would be busy! :rofl:

So make different & fun “Battle Conan” servers with options and leave the core game for those who enjoy it.

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I was hoping 1-100 would be fast leveling.

I want to add a new Map.

Underworld or land of the dead.

I need 3 things.

Level Cap 100.


And players with the guts to fight hordes of undead creatures.

The exile level cap too weak.

Nope. People in need of more levels are weak.

Crazy idea: Have some servers be capped at level 30 with the same difficulty! … :smiling_imp:

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