Make leveling up take much, much longer

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So right now anyone who’s played an official server knows you can level up to level 60, get some named thralls, and level them to 20 in about two days. I’m a pretty casual player, and starting out fresh on an official PvP server I can get to level 60 in three days.

That coupled with the perk reset potions means you can be any build any time at level 60, for me that’s day 3.

Basically you might as well not have levels at all and everyone just be one ultra build.

I’d like to see a server type or just a game change where xp is rewarded much slower, causing months to level up. You know, like every other MMORPG. I get this game is a bit different, but I’d still like to see it the MMORPG way on at least one type of PvP server.

To me it would create depth, a type of seniority in the clans with the dominant clan shaping things a little bit more. Just like it would happen in reality. With things unchanged anybody can become the alpha’s rival by day 5, or even less really. Bombs and vaults are all you need for a successful raid against anyone.

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I’ve seen this sentiment expressed in MMOs many times, including WoW. People calling themselves casual, but powering through everything as quickly as possible and then complaining that there’s not enough content. In truth, they’ve just spent the last two or three days with a caffeine IV for the express purpose of skipping over 90% of it.

Be careful about balancing the leveling system around power levelers. You’ll end up with a system where everyone else can’t hit max level for years.

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Maybe you should try a PVE-C server, where it’ll take you a week at that rate? :smiley:

All joking aside, I get your point, but:

You know what kind of story pops up on forums regularly? “I’m being bullied by an alpha clan who told me not to go to Mounds, ever, and now they keep wiping my base.” Now imagine giving a clan like that the power to lord it over a server for months on end…

This is a very important point. I don’t have anything against having @jesstheripper’s proposal implemented as a new server type, but not as a default on all servers.

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I hear you for sure, but I’m definitely a casual player lol. Between work, my family, and my many other hobbies I probably put five or four hours into Conan a week, seven at absolute most. It’s just that easy. By the time I get decent armor and build my base I’m at sixty. If you just run straight to the north and skip the river, you hit level 15, no joke I do it every time.

I know there’s that guy who levels to level 7000000 in 13 minutes on every game because he’s just amazing but come on, we all know the level system on conan is just a nod to rpgs, it’s quickly dismissed and forgotten.

It’s possible to get level 60 in 4-6 hours after spawning if no one gets in your way. It is crazy and takes some of the fun out of it.

On one hand making leveling slower would make the gameplay last longer.

On the other hand leveling slower would put new people on a server at a much greater disadvantage then they already are.

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So those who started first and get first to level 60 will start to wipe out all the other non 60 players off the map.
You’re not seeing the bigger picture, also considering the real game starts when you reach level 60.


I see your point, and agree that the leveling system needs work but I disagree with your solution, namely make it harder to level up. The issue is that in Conan, if you want to you can run past any enemy. I mean anything. The only thing you want to watch out for are cats but if you’re careful with your stamina you can run through the savanna at any level. Therefore if you start the game, you run up north immediately. You will level really fast because the north is meant for higher level players and necessarily grants more xp for kills. In my most recent play through I’m staying south. Farming noob river for exile armorers and my leveling pace has been prefect. Just enough to feel like I’m making progress but after a week I’m only level 40ish. So I think the issue is, it’s too easy in Conan to go wherever you want at any level. I believe they should change the animals and attack animations so this is not the case. A wolf, a hyena and a tiger can run faster than humans. They should be able to fun you down no contest, forcing you to fight (unless your on a horse of course). I think that would make the game much more threatening as well as some other posters have been requesting recently. Just my two cents.

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I’m not saying change the entire game . I’d like to see an ultimate surver, no holds barred and .2 xp or something. When you get onto it you know the dudes at level 60 are serious lol.

Think of the noobs,low levels and solo players. I am against increase exp requirements.

That’s kind of exactly what I’m suggesting. The Alpha level 60 will have to play fair if they want to play at all since an empty server is boring. Forming alliances, having territories, being the king of a domain and defending your “subjects” or just staying away and watching the next clan grow would create the dimensions and fun of being high level. If you can’t control your 13 year old impulse to constantly terrorize the internet ( if you’re 13 I’m not attacking you lol, just setting a tone. No offense intended!) Then you’ll get to be lonely on a server you waisted far too much time on.

And the real game shouldn’t start at level 60. If that’s really the intent then why not remove the leveling system all together and just have people playing the “real game”.

I’m suggesting a special server. Noobs and those who want to speed level like their playing fort night can play the regular servers. Kind of like how I don’t like PvE so I don’t play it.

I like your idea, ramping up survival should always be in mind. I still think they should either make leveling more laborious or dump it all together though.

I completely agree with having it be a special dedicated server type, as people obviously love the power leveling. My other point is though, why have a leveling system at all if it’s bypassed in a week? How about all characters remain “epic” and only change attributes and stats? Or not change stats or attributes at all since that’s so easily done right away?

Yeah people are bullies on the internet and sadly PvE doesn’t stop that mentality. I thought about trying a PvE server, and everyone I logged onto had the starting point walled off, and once I made it past that the place was over built like crazy.

Essentially my thoughts are that if you’re willing to put in a month of Conan to get to level 60 your probably suitable to be an admin ( I know, bold statement). Officials don’t have admins so that alpha clan of die hards will rule whatever they control until you level yourself up enough to challenge them, or you join them. I e played enough servers to say that that clan usually isn’t the jerk you’re watching out for but it’s usually the guys who show up in force, level to sixty in a day, and have six bases overnight that terrorize everyone.

Player leveling systems in persistent-world multiplayer games server two purposes:

  • teaching new players how to play, without resorting to tutorials
  • establishing a hierarchy of players

How much a leveling system contributes to each of these two goals is controlled by how hard it is to advance.

Right now, in Conan Exiles, it’s easy to get to the max level if you know what you’re doing, so it’s clear that it’s meant to serve mostly as a way for new players to learn the ropes.

Yes, you can get to level 60 in a matter of hours, if you’re really into power leveling, or a couple of days, if you’re a casual but experienced player.

Newbies, on the other hand, don’t get to level 60 for quite a while.

What you’re proposing is to create a new category of official servers where the leveling system establishes a hierarchy. I understand the motives for that: make it more of a challenge and create different social dynamics. And I have nothing against having that as a new server type.

However, I still disagree with one of your beliefs:

That bold statement is based on your faith in other players. I don’t share it at all.

I wouldn’t want to make decisions based on anecdata – just look at your experience with PVE servers, it’s clear that you’ve had worse luck than usual – but even if we disregard that, there’s still the question of giving trolls and griefers an even greater power than before.

You’re looking at these servers as if they are already there, with benevolent alphas governing each. The reality is that if they announce a creation of those servers, the trolls and bullies will start at the same level 1 as the good guys.

Chances are you’ll end up with at least a portion of servers dominated by bullies. Sure, maybe a portion of those will become “quarantined” and nobody will go play on those, because the bullies weren’t smart enough. But on the whole, I don’t see the same rosy picture you do.

Again, I’m not opposing your idea. I just don’t see it in the same light as you do.

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