Level 60's transfering every week, destroy my base a few days after arriving

So, yeah, every week some new level 60’s transfer to my server and before I even know anyone new is on the server they have torn my base apart in about 15-30 minutes while I am Offline. A base that I have been building on for over 2 years, so massively reinforced. So that right there tells me how unbalanced Exiles PvP is and I am not continuing. Whether I come back to PvP depends on whether you take action to make it hard to break into bases in Offline Raiding and just generally harder bases to raid.

You do what you want. I am done with building bases to support your unbalanced PvP concept. You developers should start building the bases yourselves is my advice actually. Just have a base materialize each week filled with goodies and make them easy cheezy to raid to keep the PvP servers alive for the offline raiding crowd.


Well if people ACTUALLY cared about PvP, they wouldn’t be raiding bases of clans / players that were offline. After all you can’t very well be participating in PvP if there is no P to actually fight against now can you. But that has been the whole experience of PvP in this game, and just about any other you can think of. No one really does care about fighting other players if they can destroy their stuff unopposed or in MMO’s just jump them while they are talking to a quest NPC and can’t react. Wait for people to zone into an area and start killing them while they are technically still loading and unable to react. I’ve seen in on so many PvP servers on so many games.


@Oduda , Here comes the discussion we had the past days, the private servers. For pvp I choose only private servers, admins make sure people follow his-her rules and to the victims admin always provide all the loss back plus immunity from pvp raids for some days to give to these persons time to rebuild and reorganize. Admins building arenas and events so people will really pvp and have fun. They drop the thrall damage so others won’t hide behind their thralls :wink:. @Bladesaint, there are decades of wonderful servers, private servers, no spawn kill, no raid off, events, parkur, no building limits, etc… These servers correct all the official mistakes. Trust me you will have a lot of fun and minimum toxicity.


@stelagel I haven’t played on an official server in so long I couldn’t even tell you.


100% - I am convinced most people care more about feeling powerful.

Offline raiding is just bad for the game IMO. I don’t know if that will ever change because that would mean that siege/defense would need aggressive balancing.

As it stands now, if you are a “good person” and don’t fully wipe a group when you risk a raid, you run the large risk of being full wiped in retaliation. The only way to be aggressive is to try and force people to leave. I suspect transfer is a result of this, but it is a treatment of a symptom- not a cure for the disease.


I have seen this all too often. We don’t attack anyone under 60 unless provoked, or trespassed.

So they talk smack in chat, then turtle in a cave. Then they turtle in a ravine. Then they think you’re gone, but you’re just standing on the ridge looking down on their crapshack. They return, their horse is standing on the roof, and you run loops around their hut in scavenged Shem trash, and they TURTLE.

Next week, star metal is hoovered, so you know they’re getting into good gear. Still they turtle when it comes to fighting, to actual confrontation.

You know what’s going through their heads? At first it’s “He’s got 60 so there’s no chance.” Then when they’re 60 they think “He’s got the best gear so I won’t try.” Then they just get into that turtle loop. It’s weird and unseemly.


Maybe 2h daily raid windows could solve this problem? I understand that people don’t have 5 hours each day to defend, but 2h would be great for people with work / real life.

Now as it is, you have to be nolife nerd and play minimum 5 hours to be able to defend base, otherwise you will be offlined sooner or later and no base design / thrall amounts will save you from it. Not to mention server transfer and possibility to do ambush god attacks. 2h daily raid window would solve that problem and only way to raid would be waiting for him to farm or online raid with defending player - do i have to mention how fun it is to actually defend base from attackers even if you are outnumbered? I really had a lot fun that way.

Offline raid protection is just stupid - it can be abused easily and it’s just nonsense. People can just not login for long time to avoid enemies, people can make walls around their base with another account - that way no one could raid them and they can play all the time. There’s so much room for abuse.

Offline raiding is just catering to thief’s.

For anyone not liking the idea of offline raids, there is a new game with a new concept out there to play. New World. Consensual PVP. You have to ask a player for permission before you can attack them, which they can decline.

Be careful what you wish for.

I think it is worth shortening the raid time. 3 hours is enough to raid someone.

A lot of Private RP servers have that already in place. You have to declare you intention to attack and they have the option to engage to attempt to flee (which they might not be able to). Officials are just toxic waste lands and I fail to see why anyone even bothers with them.


Why not have setting that makes the base immune to damage when offline. It could have a cooldown so if you are trying to log out to save your base from attack it doesn’t get instant immunity. A small window maybe 30 to 60 minutes after logging off your base is still vulnerable?

I’m sorry this is happening to you. That really sucks and I was worried it would probably happen relatively fast. At least before trolls had to establish and stay hidden for a while before they could nuke you.

There are a few things about official PvP that completely keep me away. Offline raiding and completely leveling other players bases both directly go against the idea of Player versus Player for me.

I almost feel like PvE-C is closer to other PvP games than the PvP mode, which is really really weird.

You don’t beat someone in Forza or Call of Duty by waiting until they aren’t playing.

I understand that different aspect can be considered PvP by different people, I’m just taking about PvP as a general game concept.

It would be interesting if you could issue a raid challenge to another clan and then give an available raid window, which could allow input from both clans. I know it will never happen but it’s a neat idea to me

Its unfortunate to see PVP called toxic wastelands.

Never used to be.

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Because you can create a 2nd account, and almost never log in for it, you will store stuff on it.

Are tokens invisible after transfer? I haven’t tested this yet.

Idk; I stick to PVE because this all sounds like part of pvp to me. Whether destroying someones base with them in it or not, it still is the same result and the person on defense is at a disadvantage to people who are organized. Personally, I’d rather log into it gone than sit thru a hopeless raid. I mean, pvp is about crushing the opponent right (conan world and all)? Adding rules to it seems off; its conan’s world and we’re just visiting.


The main reason I’d never play on a PvP server is base destruction. As long as it takes to gather materials to build a base, it takes a fraction of that time to manufacture the means to destroy it. That equation needs to be reversed in my opinion. Such as it should take hours to get through a base exterior. No one should be raiding people’s interior within a 24 hour period.

Yes, altars provide shielding, but that is also expensive. You would need to spend all day farming materials and how would anyone find time to enjoy what the rest of the game has to offer. This is why I do PvE-C servers. Prime time PvP hours and bases as well as thralls / pets not on follow are immune to damage. It’s not ideal but based off what you described, it’s definitely a better alternative.


I didn’t say PvP itself was. But with all of the cries of under-mesh bases, body vaults with hidden god tokens being used to transfer from server to server to wipe bases of offline players, the tendency to sit in groups and kill people who haven’t fully loaded in coming out of dungeons or using obelisks. Yeah, officials pretty much are.

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Your in a PVP server with a large base…what did you expect to happen? Offline raiding is part of the game and I actually love it because it forces people to think about their building and ability for the base to defend itself. Don’t get me wrong…I have been raided and the feeling is just devistating. But you dust yourself off and learn from it. Adapt and get better. It’s the main reason I do PVP…I really don’t raid unless you have something I can’t get and I can pretty much get anything so in effect I don’t raid…but I do love the game of bulding defendable bases. Big bases are just beacons for people. Might as well post “raid me” signs on it. Now fake big bases…with cheap blacksmiths in the middle and an empty t3 alter enticing people to keep using bombs to get into the 'juicy center" only to find a T1 blacksmith…priceless. Stacks of dragonpowder…to get that blacksmith…good job.