Log back in after 12 hours, base stolen

So I had spent two weeks building my base and character, level 2 materials, 3 layers thick. I come back after 12 hours and some level 60 players had destroyed it and started building there. Said they thought it was abandoned. Lie, it was in perfect condition, no Purges yet either. And they told me to build somewhere else.

So how is that balanced? What? I just spend 150-200 hours building my base and some level 60 just shows up and sez, move!! ALL YOUR BASES ARE BELONG TO US!!! Yipes! No wonder no one plays this game for very long.

I would suggest blocking this exploit until 48 hours after the prior base is destroyed. I would have fought them for my base location forever, until the seas run dry and the sun swallows the earth! … but since the game just hands it over with no contest whatsoever I deleted my character. Maybe there is a server out there with polite players. I’ll give it a few more tries, but I think I should not have lost my base location the instant it was destroyed.

Try a PVE-C server rather than straight PVP.


Your kidding right?

You got raided (foundation wiped) on a PVP server and your complaining?
Dude…its PVP…YES it sucks…but thats part of the game.
Couple of choices…rebuild and strike back…move to another server…stop playing…

BUT this is not an exploit or Funcom’s problem.
(They have much more important things that are actual issues to fix!)


Welcome to PvP.


The players in all survival games are toxic and petty. It’s done with a PvP label, but these games really are just abused by people that want to bully others.

PVE-C is meh, you can kill other players and that’s it. But honestly, the PvP combat in this game is boring and a run away fest with no way to catch up.

No survival game has done PvP right yet, IMO. I would love to see a survival game with Shadowbane’s design. Building required claiming a land area and you were limited to how much area you could build on (think 7D2D land claim) and then sieges required scheduling, I believe from the time siege was claimed, you had 24-48 hours to set a time and then the siege would last for a certain amount of time.

Yes, these are more casual rulesets compared to the raid whenever you want and build wherever and how big you want (or spam foundations all over).

I truly believe that the next evolution of survival games isn’t improved/changed combat or building mechanics, but rulesets that aren’t so extreme (right now It’s basically all out PvP/raiding or no PvP and raiding. There has to be a better middle ground.

Well it is not surprising that Funcom missed the greatest point of contention between players which is territory. It’s hard to see the worm’s eye view of a game you designed. But which PvP world is better? The one where new players get run off the server by level 60’s or the one I suggested where they have to fight to gain new territory they covet? I say the latter.

If those level 60’s decide they missed the best spot in the game after all that time, make them slug it out. I assure you if I could, I would have rebuilt my base everyday, but it was already stolen 12 hours after I logged out. So I deleted my character. Which game result would have been best for the game? Obviously making the new and old team fight for the area.

Now it’s funny because I went over to this server because players on it were recruiting from other servers to keep there’s from dying. Last time I ever fall for that line. Just let the server fail, it’s probably a very toxic place.

You can fight for the area.

Destroy what they built and rebuild.

They’ll probably destroy whatever you put down, if you can take all their stuff out, and rebuild themselves anyway.

I don’t know what you’re getting at here. Do you want a grace period of time where they have to wait to be able to build there? Then they can just wipe out whatever stuff you rebuild day after day until you get sick of it and do the same thing…which is quit.

It sounds like PvP just ain’t what you’re looking for. Try a PvE server out where other players can’t take out you or your base. Or go for PvE-C where other players can’t take out your base and vice versa but you can still battle it out with them.

Lets see… a level 24 takes out 4 level 60’s? You’re joking right? That’s okay. Conan’s Exiles is what it is. I will play something else. Sorry I wasted 30 bucks on this game.

You spent 2 weeks building, 150-200 hours, and you only got to level 24??? I call BS on the first two paragraphs of your original post.

I call BS on any of the rest of it as well. Seeing you’re a level 24 what do you think you would have accomplished by having 48 hours to rebuild there? In 48 hours, they could just come back and destroy it all again since they viewed it as prime real estate.

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Most likely it was t1. I see this happen so,many times even on my unofficial server. Player gets on builds a pretty t1 massive castle… then disappears for a day. They log back in and their t1 masterpiece is gone. And they cry and leave.

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Your base did not get stolen.
It got destroyed, your lands conquered and claimed.
As far as I can tell it would not have made much difference if you had been online, if you were lvl 24 vs 4 lvl 60.

Soloplayers seldom do well on PvP servers unless they hide bases in remote areas.
That is the game on a PvP server, unless it has rules and moderation stating the opposite.

I fail to see why this would surprise you, but if this is not a troll post, then I suggest playing on servers that are either moderated or PvE-C/PvE.

PVP servers are a competition just like sports. There is always some kind of meta playstyle involved. You don’t watch football and complain about no team playing with their arms tied behind their backs. There are strategies that work better than others.

And trust me. I know how it feels to get wiped just because someone wants that spot or he was just bored but I think the right reaction is to think of what I can do to not let that happen to me ever again. Hell, I even got wiped because I didn’t greet someone ingame. Ofc that’s griefing but it would have happened anyways later on. The risk of losing everything is part of the game and can be enjoyed by people. It causes the adrenalin to build up and keep you going. Every failure is a step to get better.

Or… Explore! Find new, hard to locate spots for your base. Complete journeys and spend time traveling to level up.

If you do this, you can find out of the way spots where others seldom go but you can buils in. Then you can build your base, spare caches of supplies in other spots, and work to becoming the one who wrecks their base.

Also just a point… Do you know how many bases we have all built? Even on single player with no purges, you will build multiple bases. Want thralls from the North or the volcano, you’ll need a base with a nearby wheel of pain or at least bridges to drag them back.

Want to go from the extreme cold of the snowy lands into the volcano, You’ll need at least a small remote changing hut. Want a map room so you can do easy brimstone runs, new base area.
Wait raid an enemy often and have a nearby hidden supply cache, build a raiding base.

No one perfect base location covers everything. Such a place doea not exist. You will need to make new bases as you go. So you may want to view this as a learning experience, think about what worked,what didn’t, and an your next move. The reality is, you’ll build more bases, so learn what you can, adapt, and keep going.

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Here’s some practical experience from PVP official server. I build Jungle storeroom to make landclaim and massive amounts of iron and silver. Tier 3, and make it look like a destroyed remnant of a tower up on a high spot above the Crevice. Alpha Clan claims trespass and begins to destroy my building. When they infiltrate it, I get one of them with a hidden vapor trap. They recognize it will be a chore. We negotiate my dismantling of the landclaim, and they regularly give me 1000 silverstone. Next time try diplomacy!


@Barnes, I like your thinking. I was actually about a week from making my base a PIA to dismantle, but I needed level 36 for that. My mistake was probably building too much and not leveling fast enough.

Conan Exiles has problems when most PvP servers are dead and dying. So likely new players to a server find what I did. They find a prime base location, other level 60 players suddenly covet or notice the spot and take it over. New player says, “well no shortage of dead servers, I’ll just go there and have my own fun!”, even if there are less players online at a given time." And they do and they have great fun and the old server with all the over-geared level 60’s rots away to nothing. Which is what is happening. (Just check the post about allowing over-geared level 60’s to migrate from dead servers to new servers. Like that would ever happen. Can you imagine the chaos of all these level 60’s suddenly appearing and stealing all the current player’s bases?)

So Conan Exiles PvP servers would become a lot more lively if those new arrivals had some delay in instantly losing their base location. Like I say, they might tear my base down everyday, but I would go back and rebuild it as soon as they left. I can build new walls in about an hour or two so no problem there. It would just delay me rather than boot me off the server. Because new players have no investment in any new server. They are free to pick up and leave the moment some turkeys come gobble gobble. And why wouldn’t you? Are you so subservient and groveling as to let that krap slide without retaliating? And what is the best retaliation at under level 35? Start on a new server where the turkeys are not present! Just let that old server die and take the turkeys with it.

Anyway, no one is going to read this so servers will continue to die off at a record pace.

Come to my place, you will be fine their. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :wink:

Dude, respect. You’re playing in “damn the torpedoes” mode, and I really get a lot of juice from that. We need more players like you! When I started out, I swore off the Admin Panel, stayed 1X Vanilla, and just absorbed the doggone game. That’s how you appear to be enjoying it. Back when I started in EA on Public Servers, the culture also permitted that. I call those the salad days.

These days, the meta is like in that great movie Payback, where the mob capo says one of his boss’s principles has always been “if you don’t understand it, get rid of it.” A stitch in time, so to speak. Alphas on servers are quick to pull the trigger. Look at trespass as a symbol of how right you were in your proposed build site.

To be successful on PVP Officials these days, you must level like a boss, and get your stuffs T3d plus vaults and distraction vaults. Then you’re pretty much free to start playing the game. :wink:

Finally, to be honest, your outcome is what I always anticipated would happen to me when I started playing in Early Access. Can’t say I was disappointed when the Alpha gave me permission to T3 my shrines. But it was a gentler time. Ebb and flow, so we can say, same as server traffic. Don’t worry about Conan’s health, just keep playing, and I hope you keep enjoying it.


Woah, sounds like a lot of hard work, not a relaxing downtime activity - but thankfully we can all (more or less) play the game as we want to, so it’s all good.


Oh yes, definitely. I enjoy many game modes, and Conan Exiles allows me to do what I please. On a 1X Vanilla Private right now, I’m at 45 after two weeks’ play. On TestLive 5X I’m just cresting 55 after a fun weekend plus some mild play days. Really fun to do both, especially since one is the Live build.