I'm done with this game


That’s the last time I play this game! I have put so many hours in to it and I have been along for the ride now from very early days. I’m not excepting the fact that when I log off for 3 days I come back to practically nothing! 100’s of hours of game time gathering resources, a nice base with lots of loot all gone in a matter of days. When I check the event log I find that it wasn’t another player that destroyed my base but a wolf! I’m not spending everyday playing this game as I have a life and can’t be on to protect it every second of the day! What a waste because I really enjoyed this game. Glad I only payed £10 off a cd key website to get it! Disgusting and you are going to continue to have dissatisfied players who are fed up with the way it works. I will not waste another second on this game.


i’m in the same boat. my base that took us a really long time to make was completely gone after we took a short break to try out the new league in path of exile. absolutely absurd.

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The auto-decay timer is disgusting, to be honest. Our ally had a MASSIVE T3 base built up the side of a mountain to the top and it all auto-decayed while they took a short break, so they quit.


This is not an mmo. Nuff said.


You got purged. You should have set up some defenses. Palisades and thralls and such to protect your base from monsters attacking it when your purge meter get full. Its your own fault.


lates Information about this.

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what does that have to do with anything? if you spend the time to build a base, you should be able to go and do something else before all of that work just poofs in a couple of days. what’s the incentive of even building something “nice” if you can’t even take a break.


Either you have decay, or you have a map full of abandoned bases with no place to build… it’s hard to strike a balance. btw I’m not defending funcom, they have a bad track record overall.

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Their solution would be to have their official servers with different settings. Even in the same game modes. The next best/logical step is for players to find non official servers that cater to their needs.

There is a middle ground, players and funcom just need to be willing to move towards to available options.

grac! you got a Purge!

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I build a giant base.
Went offline for 3 weeks. Came back, base still there.
And I play on a official pvp server even.

Stop building bases out of sandstone and low tier.
Also get protection for your base or at least build it at an unreachable place where purges can’t reach you.
Like on a hill.
Get lots of archer thralls, build a wall around your base, fill these archers with arrows.
If you have a rather large base and guild.
Get organized!
Not everyone has to get off the game for the vecation period. Someone is bound to stay at home who could logg in once a day and reset the decay timer.

Dosn’t take much effort.

Stop crying over spilt milk.

Or get your own server instead of playing on public ones.


Good advice as far as base building. I learned this the hard way:) This seems to be one of the the reasons for the Purge system: to make players put some thought into location, defense, materials, etc when building, even on PVE serving.

A lot of issues are solved by playing on a private server with active, competent admins. That said if you can’t play often or you aren’t prepared to start from scratch my personal opinion is, this is not the game for you.

You got beat by a purge, learn grow and rebuild better.

That was the key part to me. Looks like you got your money’s worth.


My base got hit with a purge… No damage to the lower part of the base which should have gotten wrecked by the purge, upper part of the base built on the "hill/platu where the purge should not have been able to reach gets smashed up by scorpians, even though there was no way they should have been able to get up there…)

Purges how do they work?

Purges don’t work, people cry

Purges work, people cry


Offline purges with thralls that do not protect your base… broken.

Honestly offline purges shouldn’t be a thing in the first place.

Fill our purge meter. When it’s at a certain point begin triggering purges when people are online, but allow it to continue to fill over time. Once it reaches a second threshold, begin offline purges.

At least give us a chance to deal with it first. Offline purges are really bad.


A base is defined as any block of connected foundations. If a block of foundations gets hit by a purge and does not leave enough open space around the block for the purge mobs to spawn some distance from the perimeter, the mobs will spawn inside the base instead of outside.

This is why your upper base got hit. It actually counts as a different base, separate and apart from the lower. But because the base to be purged was not accessible, you got enemies spawning inside.