380+ Hrs Gameplay, Absence of couple of days and Everything's Decayed, GONE!

Dear Support Team,
I was offline for couple of days (~4-5days) for some serious reasons. Today, I logged back in to my char. but I saw that everything was gone… I had a clan with 2 more members, we were all in the same base and all the base was gone, followers, thralls, pets, chests, walls, buildings, everything and everything!!!
I played this game for 380+ hrs and is this the situation we are facing?
Previously (official server) we had another serious problem with server reset. All of our efforts was gone and this is the second time with another issue… “Decayed because no member of the guild has been online in a long time” This is really unacceptable!!!
We have life to live and couldn’t login for some serious reasons and what should we do now. Quit the game altogether?
or What are your suggestions? How can you help us with our issue?

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10 day decay. Set up a private server turn off decay.

Yeah 4-5 days is not long enough for everything to decay. It must have been longer than that if you were playing on an official server. If you were reported for breaking any rules, you might have been dev wiped and account ban will follow on next server restart.

You have to make sure you refresh regularly (check the timer with a repair hammer) or alternatively get your own private server as suggested.

Oh and btw, you stuff is not going to be returned. Funcom offers no returns, no matter how the items were lost.


None of the support even bothered answering to our issue…
This game is a Complete WASTE OF TIME!!! Sadly such games always have bad support!
Seems like we will say farewell and never play again… its a BS game now! Wasting a lot of time to the game building a community and base and grinding a lot of resources but when something serious happen in real life and we cannot log in for some time we lose everything… REALLY? We paid for this game it’s not a Free game… Such things are unacceptable… We trusted the system and we played official server game but look at this… DISSAPOINTMENT!

You’re not speaking to support here, this forum does have additional functionalities but is largely community based. Meaning you’ll mostly recieved replies from other players.

There is a bug template on the forum but you didn’t submit one.

If your hard work did actually decay due to a bug and not the mechanisms put in place as mentioned by the previous commenters OR as a result of an admin wipe, then you need to provide the information via the official channels: a bug report.

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I really cannot understand what’s the case here. You start with a grand title a couple of days. Then you speak for 4 to 5 and then you admit that it was long time, probably a couple of weeks.
So what’s the case here, a couple of days or a couple of weeks?
Because if it’s a couple of weeks then it’s on you not on them.

About real life issues that lead to these situations, i am sorry m8, s…t happens. I have about 20 times your hours in thhis game and trust me, many people i lnow lost thousands of hours through the decay system. All of them were as disappointed as you are now, so i totally get your frustration.
But these are the rules. Take it or leave it, your choice.

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ehhhhhh, They did do a reset recently, so never say never. :slight_smile:

If you cannot understand that’s your problem.
Dude where did you see me saying “weeks” ??? I said 4-5 days nothing more.
Seriously how did you make it up all things you said while reading my issue?

“admit that it was long time” ???
"“Decayed because no member of the guild has been online in a long time” is the system’s auto message… but It wasn’t a long time… It was 4-5 Days… not 15days to be decayed…

So please read carefuly before you write something wrong :wink: Thx.

Gameplay experience on official servers has been completely abandoned by funcom. I highly recommend no one ever play on official servers.

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Submit a bug report then. They are not going to even look at your concern otherwise.

If it is 4 to 5 days you can prove it and report it to Zendesk, if we speak about official servers.

They’d be able to show their logs with the last events if they logged in that 4-5 day timeframe right? Normally if you log in and play there’d be entries of removing stuff from benches, chests, decayed items from dropping, etc.,…

Unless they logged in and just refreshed…

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Looks like your clan members didn’t bother logging on either. You’re loss.

It doesn’t matter anymore… Just abandoned the game. Won’t bother playing it anymore. Bye bye!