380+ Hrs Gameplay, Absence of couple of days and Everything’s Decayed, GONE!

Dear Support Team,
Someone said ( Kikigirl ) I need to report this here and here I send…

“I was offline for couple of days (~4-5days) for some serious reasons. Today, I logged back in to my char. but I saw that everything was gone… I had a clan with 2 more members, we were all in the same base and all the base was gone, followers, thralls, pets, chests, walls, buildings, everything and everything!!!
I played this game for 380+ hrs and is this the situation we are facing?
Previously (official server) we had another serious problem with server reset. All of our efforts was gone and this is the second time with another issue… “Decayed because no member of the guild has been online in a long time” This is really unacceptable!!!
We have life to live and couldn’t login for some serious reasons and what should we do now. Quit the game altogether?
or What are your suggestions? How can you help us with our issue?”

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You sure your base decayed, not wiped?

Greetings @dei88x

Thank you for taking the time to report this situation to us.

Regarding the server, could you please provide us with the server number in which this has happened?

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