Offline raiding

After playing amazon new world, I had an itch to get back on here. Hour of farming. Started smelting. Was happy to see 2 people on my server that I havent played in many months. Asked them is offline raiding still a thing. Hell yeah it is they replied. Logged off.

Email me when you fix that. Its the games biggest fault. Make it 1 hour vulnerability after last clan member logs or something. Save your game. Its awesome except the loss of my insanely large castle to one man through offlime raiding last time i was into it… Could of had me for years. Still could. Fix it.

Could HAVE had me for years.

I support this idea as well. If you don’t have time for one or two days then some nolifer won’t be able to remove your base.

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There is no offline raiding.

There is raiding during raid time (only 6 hours per day!).

Raiding must be 24 hours per day like others games, because we do not work, sleep, live … at the same times.

There is. It’s when you raid someone when they’re offline. The clue is right there in the name.

Those two things are not mutually exclusive. They’re orthogonal.

That’s only one possible way to go. It doesn’t invalidate other suggestions.

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Anyone who thinks this is a good system isn’t really a pvper. They are opportunist at best.

I get your theory Beserker but it is what it is. Its offline raiding for a majority of what happens to peoples bases. Maybe its just this generations version of player vs player but its not mine. Its pve with a chance of losing everything to sorry â– â– â–  PVPers with more game time on their hands.

Problem is peoples that want to play PVE on PVP servers. Raid time, raid protection, offline raiding …

So made one half of the servers PVE only, or PVE conflict, and the other half real 100% 24/7 PVP servers.

Then everyone is happy :slight_smile:

You seem awfully protective of this system they have. Im a pvper. This game has an awesome build system but I have 0 desire to play on a pve server. I play games for the pvp. Darkfall is a perfect example of what you explain above. Full loot 24/7 but even in that game, if you wanted to take a city, it was 48 hours. Gave people the time to get allies, set up attack and defence plans with them etc. If you were offline, it wasn’t like you didn’t know it was happening so no excuse, game wise. 100s in a clan in that game though so easy to fill gaps with that warning seige system too.
We deal with 10 man guilds and one man can completely topple the best city and all it takes is patience, not skill. Its a flawed system that I won’t cone back too. Im glad you are enjoying it, you must have plenty of time to take advantage of scavenger PVnoPeopleon

I don´t think it is that easy. People want to online raid or protect their base against online raids. that´s where the real fun is.


Yeah, we are on a private server and we never raid clans where the number of people online is below 4 (clan size is 6).


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