Offline Raid Protection

Dear Funcom,

Many users are asking me if we can provide something like an Offline Raid Protection which is also well known from the Game Ark.

So if the last member of a Guild goes Offline, a Cooldown will start (1 Hour), after that the Buildings are not able to Raid anymore.

I think it’s a much better idea than the Raiding Times, cause not everyone lifes in the same TimeZone and also not everyone has time everyday to protect the base.

You can also Implement a timer, which disables the Proteciton, if the Guild is not online for 5 Days or something. So the Base is still raidable when the Guild left.




i am totally agreeing!

Do you hear about raid time (aka prime time) mechanics? Just choose your server wisely

My friends live from Kaliningrad to Novy Urengoy and Novosibirsk.

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Raid time > flexible, unpredictable, random, personalized times for anyone. I don’t want to think, I want to know 100% when exactly is happening and what.

You can find server in another timezone if it a biggest problem for you, but after all, society never adapts to few people, but few people adapt to society.

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I posted a bug that is implementing this exact same thing just yesterday. There is a tribe in my server whom no longer played here and their building do not take damage during PvP hours. Other building do, the tribes who are online but the one tribe who is not online and hasn’t been for awhile takes absolutely no damage to their structures. I used a treb with boulders and explosives, grease orbs+fire orbs and gas bombs, all to no avail. Not one point taken from this broken down building smack in the center of my valley where I farm and am attempting to build a church for my shrines. It’s frustrating enough to go to a different server or quit the game altogether. I mean I can’t place my shrines anywhere else, this is the closest locale.