Offline Raid Protection suggestion!

Hello Everyone,

It me again, the Temple guy! lol :rofl:

Anyways, i suggest that there should be created some type of Offline raid protection! Please read that i i said protection not prevention! huge difference!

What we have right now is raid prevention, where you can set a pvp time range or building damage time range. It is also a total prevention of damage and that is not what i’m looking for…

Okay, so this is what i’m thinking… You should be able to use temples to protect your base while you are offline.

The temple should consume tokens when it is active (it might need to show how long it can run on the tokens it has!) and it should protect and area or the base it is connected to :hugs:

The protection should be a hp buff like 3x hp on buildings or something like that. Maybe it could be dependent on the temple tier, like t1 = 2x hp and t2 3x and t3 4x.

There should also be a cool down period so people cant combat logout on you. Like 40 min before the protection goes up and when you come online it should take 5 min for it to go down if the protection is sill running. The 5 min for logging in, is if you dc or crash when loading in, it would also be a way to see that it is working.

There might need to be a indication on the buildings if they are in the protection of the temple. It could be something you can see when using the repair hammer.

In an ideal world this would also be settings you can change while the server is running :sunglasses:

What do you guys think? Would love some good feedback on this idea, it could also be a mod but i would love to have this in the game as an option.

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If you want raid protection you need to get a god bubble.


not so much raid protection but more Offline raid protection.

Instead of hit points, have it create a bubble which protects for a specific amount of time. There would need to be a time limit for how long the bubble can last, can’t last longer than X hours. Can only be used once per day.

That might be a good solution to offline raiding though. You play, store up zeal tokens, and activate the bubble to protect you while you are offline. It lasts 12 hours, then you can’t activate it again until the next day starts. Once the bubble is activated you can’t deactivate it. So no intermittent control, continuous only. So each day you are vulnerable to raiding for 12 hours and can be protected for 12 hours.
I like it! And it’s simple.

There doesn’t need to be a delay for its protection activating either, because if it protects for 12 hours and can only be activated once per day and it’s continuous, not intermittent. Then those who raid you can plan around it 12 hours later, if you activate it. Since it’s only used once per day, no abuse. Having multiple altars, could be solved by making them ALL activate if you activate one. So players can’t activate one, then another and so on. They all turn on at once, burn for 12 hours and then you’re vulnerable. Add repair hammer to see expiration time for bubble.

This is definitely the solution Conan Exiles needs!


Raiding works as intended. Work shrines into your build to protect vulnerabilities. If unable to build or protect please install “Bob the Builder”


The game will die if it doesn’t address and balance certain issues. One way to address the raid issue is to allow the time you can be raided to vary from person to person (based on their own schedule). Another way is to provide a way for people to protect themselves while offline/at work/ or other. Finally, you could simply allow raiding 24/7. This is fair because everyone has times they are vulnerable (asleep/at work/ or other) so it works itself out. But I think the bubble solution is actually one of the best ideas I’ve seen so far.

You don’t cater to a minority with game mechanics because ultimately all you do is retain the minority. This game needs to provide a fair platform for all people to compete so that it can retain the largest player base possible.

Funny how this game has so little pvp and it’s just people offline raiding. Must be 12 yr olds making up for their lack of skill by raiding at 4am.

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Don’t want me to take your stuff during “non raid hours”? Then don’t leave holes in your build or put stuff next to windows to be pilfered.

To do this is saying “free loot!” Build good and proper to protect your stuff and no one will be able to get to it.

1: build 15+ blocks up.
2: don’t use Windows.
3: use spike fencing on top of walls
4: leave no flat area for raiders to plant explosive
5: claim surrounding land to prevent trebuchets from being built up.
6: work shrines into build to protect from God’s and other projects.

There is more to all that but I just gave you the basics. Cheers.

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1: build 15+ blocks up.
2: don’t use Windows.

That must be sarcasm, especially #2

nope, it is not

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Thought exercise.
Imagine if you could only raid/damage other peoples structures if they are online. :smiley:

This isn’t a suggestion per say, but merely a topic for discussion.
It had just popped into mind and I would like you to pick apart the idea as thoroughly as possible. :smiley:

My thinking was that, wll it’s generally not cool to offline raid. There’s virtually no challenge.
All puzzles in the building design can be solved. No place is unreachable, no amount of thralls are unkillable and gods know there are folks with hunderds of jars and orbs.
So, your opponent needs to be online for you to raid them.

OK, your turn guys, I’ll let you state all the cons and pros of this, then I’ll give mine and we can see if this could be a viable suggestion or just a fun talk.
Have at it!

Aight. I join ur server, build a massive square around ur base with billion fences and go offline just to log in for 10 seconds once per 7 days for the decay timer. And then just play my alt character on the same server. How does that sound?

I have a stupid idea that might work…

When a player logs off all the surrounding structures have a resistance buff, this buff wouldn’t stack if you had multiple players logged out; and if a player/clan member is online then the offline buff would disappear. BUT there needs to be a way for a player to be notified that their base is getting raided, besides the god level of fortune and checking your event log right when they start actually destroying stuff.

If the characters bodies are found and killed then the buff disappears. I would suggest the buff being a 100% damage reduction, I know this might sound like a lot BUT it isn’t hard to make explosives and it shouldn’t be easy for someone to offline raid.

You’re operating under the belief that bases can be unraidable if built right.


Problem with Damaging structures only while owners are online:

Defenders will log off when they can’t successfully defend their base. Log on at a time when the attackers are offline and then repair their building, giving defense an unfair advantage. Nothing will be raidable, most people will defend this way. Plus it will generally encourage people not to play conan exiles, because of needing to be offline to protect their stuff.


if the decay timer was increased it forces people to be online to keep their things from decaying. So a combination of unraidable while offline and decay requires you to be online could find a happy balance.


But then people will log on intermittently to try and keep decay timers at bay.


Then the game could require people to be online for one long uninterrupted amount of time to preserve their bases, a value of X could represent this amount of time


Then people will log on at odd times to fulfill the requirements and keep their base while their attackers are offline.

Fix: Give attackers a notification when they are online;

Problem: Then defenders will log if they can’t defend successfully. And try at an inopportune time to rebuild when attackers are unavailable to coordinate attack.

Fix: If defenders are obviously trying to avoid losing a battle and the raid has persisted for longer than a few days; allow attackers to continue attacking even after defenders log offline (offline raid authorized). Need an indicator for this variable so that the developers can track it properly. Maybe only allow defenders to log off Y amount of times while base being attacked before offline raiding is authorized.


New Problem: Defenders will log off and come on at an inopportune time for attackers and relocate loot to a new base location.Making the raid victory without reward and unfair for attackers. Defenders will always evade and rebuild to keep loot.

@IAmFailSafe you have taken that quote out of context. This is in reference to non-raid hours.

The basic points of building that followed are general rule of thumb on PvP servers to make raiding harder or discourage would be raiders.

And HellDuke, these are not sarcastic statements. These are actual things in PvP. To build on ground is to give your enemy enough room to summon an avatar of their god. To use Windows is to invite them to look in and take all within reach and see everything else not in reach that they might want, like thralls working on benches just out of reach.
Another thing, always lock your chests even inside your building.

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This is excellent, I’m glad you don’t believe bases are unraidable. We’re trying to find a solution to this offline raiding through game mechanics the developers could implement. As it is, there is really no point in fortifying and reinforcing a base unless you are in game ALOT. Not everyone can commit so much time only to have it all lost while you’re offline.

I agree with all of your points for players, but offline raiding is still possible with all of those steps.

As I have mentioned once before in another post on this same topic, I believe that the best solution to this is to follow in game developer, CCP’s, footsteps in their game EvE Online.

Devs assign a number of hours (example: 40) per week that must be allocated in a per hour breakdown of a 1week schedule via a section of the clan tab (even for solo players). This schedule will have a default time allocation in line with the server’s original settings.

This will permit a player to set their perfered window of vulnerability during hours of the week they feel will be best for them.
NOTE: no less then and no more then the predefined hours can be allocated. All hours set forth by funcom must be accounted for in the schedule or it will revert back to default settings.
Once set a player can not make changes or alter their scheduled windows of vulnerability for one whole week to prevent trolls from changing it mid cycle if they feel they are about to be hit.

This schedule will be made known to the attacker via their repair hammer tool.
An example of this schedule as follows for conceptual visualization only.
“X” indicates the time of vulnerability.

M: oooooooooooooooxxxoooooo
T: oooooooooooooooxxxoooooo
W: oooooooooooooooxxxxooooo
Th: oooooooooooooooxxxxooooo
F: ooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxx
S: xxooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxx
Su: xxooooooooooooxxxxoooooo

This is how mine would look at present.

Yeah, even thought that would be quite an accomplishment, I can imagine some fool taking the time to incase someone’s base. You have a point there.

I personally like the prime time raid only that exist now, this is much better than other games. Offline raid protection often leads to people logging to protect their bases or using an alt or other account to make a base completely invulnerable.

Frankly one of the draws to conan was the ability to have those windows when I could pvp without having my base destroyed while in bed every night. I would not mind seeing a few more choices for servers with different windows and the windows no more than 4 hrs long. Most people cant devote more than that much time to a game each night and thats pretty hard core for those with jobs and a family.

Maybe they should add an official pvp server that only has the raid window open on weekends as well to help accommodate more people.

I dont think it needs to be made so people can see their open period because the whole point is to pick a server with a window that works for you and anyone you play with.