Online Raid Requirement Server Setting

Can you make it a server option like online raid requirement?

the building damage is disabled while the player is not online - the game outlaws just implemented something like that and it works a treat… Pleas consider…


Explain further please? :thinking:

Edit: Oh, so the damage can’t be done to buildings why the owner is offline? Interesting.

This has been discussed. Does Outlaw have a mechanism for if the player logs off mid raid? Not familiar with game or what it is about. But as much as offline raiding is cheesy, so would just exiting game to stop raids. Mechanism for x time after logging off before the protection kicks in would be needed to balance it a bit.

Maybe it’s more linear, with some simple incentive, so the protection feature works as intended.

Indeed, in this game the protection feature needs a countermeasure. :thinking:

Counter measure to help raid someone if they are offline?

It would just open servers to 24/7 raiding, with online status being up to 1 hour after log off of last clan member.
Also, if your base has less than 1 day left, it goes to “online” status so if one wants, they could blow it before someone decays it. Also remove the reset bug if a base is damaged. Because that would cause bases to always be online after 1st bomb.

The idea, is to attack and actually pvp.

With the protection in place, there would be zero chance to raid a base of a player whose offline. Anyone could just exit the game and stay safe. For this reason there needs to be a balance variable in place as well.

That is the 1 hour timer after log out of last clan member. If they log off mid fight, you still have 1 hour of free reign. If one can’t raid an unmanned base in that time, then they should n;t be raiding. This would also make complete wiping a burden. And the protection is not total immunity, but more building piece HP’s go up times n, and their thrall/pets get a buff as well after that 1 hour period is over. And i say 1 hour, maybe it is 2 hours. But the idea is exiting game is not a viable defense.

Thank about it in terms of what an enemy is. If you are never online with someone else, then how are they your enemy if offline raiding wasn’t a thing? The only players that would not get along are those that farm and play relatively close times to each other. Aren’t those the ones that one should be fighting, not someone they have never crossed paths with?

Yeah, the 1 hour example may or may not suffice. Maybe it could be flexible?

A slider for sure, but officials 2 hours would be as high as i would go. Again, deter the wiping mentality a bit. Bring Raiding back.

In this light the best solution is to not set protection feature, but a copy-to-paste feature taking advantage of a solo game space. In case I make a simple hut, I wouldn’t bother doing a copy, but with a huge castle I might, especially in case I feel like crafting is a burden and I want to roleplay for example.

From an official server to my private one, the castle would be safe. If the space got claimed by another while I was away, then I either wait for it to get liberated or go to a server with free space on that specific spot and claim it. Then again, why do official if I could just do private and have fun there. :joy:

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