Balance changes in PVP are needed

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Hi everyone, if you have a few hundred hours in the game you may notice that the game turn very unbalanced for newly created characters and clans. And why is this?

For many reasons but the number one is, not having at least a monthly wipe, this is a huge problem. Right now the first players that reached lvl 60 in a determinated server are the kings. You encounter clans with more than 1 thousand explosives and theres nothing you can do about it, because there is no wipe so they save explosives for ages. Same with the spots, they get the best spots in the map. And for last but not least important, when you are becoming a threat, lvling up and doing everything from lvl 1 to X they can destroy everything you have in no time ruining your gaming experience, due to the insane number of explosives caused by no wipe.

Edit: Because many people don’t take the time to read the posts below i’ll change the title of the post and say that a wipe may be not a viable option but the game is in urgent need of balance in PVP according to raiding with explosives, specially againts new players.

Therefore we can give the devs some suggestions and hope it will be implemented someday.

The big problem i see is this one:

Heaps of explosives accumulated for months its the number one problem in my opinion, while this problem persists the game is unplayable for new players even if you are in a numerous clan, you can’t compete at all, for the obvious reasons. You will allways get destroyed before reaching a danger lvl to them.


  1. A decay time to explosives seems to be a very good suggestion, suggested by @Machinegunfunk this can prevent overpowered old clans in the server and give more time to new ones to build, lvl up and face them in a more fair way.

  2. This can be in addition to the first suggestion:
    A grace time for new players structures, can be a good addition to prevent people raiding your base right when you start. It could be set to last until lvl 35 (when you actually can raid someone) or when you damage an enemy player structure.

If you guys have more suggestions post it and i’ll add it to the thread. Keep it constructive.

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ON PVP only.
Hell again a thing which would ■■■■ up the game if it would be implemented for PVE just for the sake of PVP crap.

DO NOT WIPE in PVE that mode is about building nice things and making friendships…
There even the oppressive 144h decay is too restrictive should be at least a month.

On PVP I would agree with wipe less chance for alpha tribes could bullying others.


Yes of course this is an issue of Official PVP servers only. The fact that any new player aren’t a challenge at all againts lvl 60 that are saving explosives for long ago. I think at least a montly construction wipe in PVP is very needed.


You start with a monthly wipe you lose all players. I can’t speak for you but if I had to rebuild every month I would quit before second wipe even hit. Now I would agree to be fair after the experience nurf there should have been a wipe.

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i think putting a permanent decay timer on ingredients for explosives and explosives would be more beneficial than a wipe on a pvp server.


If they wipe pvp official servers they will loose tons of players, not everyone wants to build the same thing over and over again, this is not EA, if you think someone could grief your game because they started first you should consider playing on PvE. PvP crowd is supposed to expect everything, there is no place for lamentation in a land of barbarians. (unless you’re a non fighter woman).

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Doing a wipe on requested pve servers seems far more likely to happen than anything else simply due to the amount of people griefing them.

As for pvp servers I really cannot see them doing this on all but if they were to make some a monthly wipe I think it would be a great form of adding a season per say kinda how some games wipe rank every so often.

But doing it to all servers will cost far too many players

WAIT WUT? PVP servers and ppl greefing on another person?
How you could you even make a sentence out of those to stuff?

They are the complete opposites of each other.

I mean if you play PVP you are predetermined yourself to bully or get bullied. Period.
There is no griefing in that condition at all.
Alpha tribe doesn’t let you become a challenge to them? Yup, part of the experience deal with it… or play a better game mode. :smiley:

But please please don’t cry for nerfs and wipes because if you got it you screw with everyone else.
Including the big tribes, including the PVE players, hell some of the so called nerfs (caused by PVP ppl criing) already done damage even in singleplayer experience see bows for example.


Read again my friend the griefer comments were directly targeting PVE not PVP

I’m all with you on that PVP is where you go to war with others as well gives you an avenue to deal with griefers you just wipe them off the face of the map.

My comments were that if servers are to be wiped do it on select ones only so people know that’s what they are getting into. I would never want a PVP server wiped unless everyone on it thinks it’s good.

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Know this OP, Wiping means erasing everything you did, means time wasted, if you didnt build, gathered or played much, think about for those who spend their time since launch. Asking for wipe is selfishness.

I think it should give all two kinds of Server in PVP. Some will be wiped and some dont. PVE Servers dont should be wiped there the decay system is enough.

PVE needs the decay reworked there are many issues as with PVP I agree there needs two kinds of servers

Which is what the old blitz servers did but they are gone now they need to come back

I think 2 weeks would suffice. 4 weeks would be the absolute max value - already having the fourth week being the one during which other players can dismantle said building.
I highly doubt they will leave it at 7 days, at that is too agressive when noone is playing anymore.
Should be the launch setting, as there have been tons of people playing… and now that numbers has gone down by quite a bit.

Mh. In what way? I think 7 days are agressive enough.

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I think decay should be also based on structure count as well.

Just to counter people who spam pillars and platforms all over the place. So the more structures you have the faster they decay or small single structures decay faster so only buildings and bases really stick around again to fight the same thing

I wouldn’t mind a wipe at all and we kind of already taken over 3 server in pvp, and lot of people didn’t have experience defending/raiding. I honestly think it would make raiding alot more challenging if they would wipe server, people have the experience now and no 4-5 hours walk to lvl 60 anymore, everyone would start on an equal ground.

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It’s not a problem, build base using brain, do not expose it position, don’t think that people collect explosives all day long waiting for you to raid your ‘base’

Its not about experience on defense/raid, the problem is doing and building the same thing several times because everything you do is erased, if you don’t mind this its ok, but for the people who just have some hours a week/day to play its not fair for them.

If you don’t/couldn’t play on the release, you shouldn’t worry about “ohhh my God, I won’t be able to fight those ppl who is in the game before me” because if you have that in mind, you shoul’nt play PvP at all.

For all the players I’ve spoken to, and nearly everyone on the server I play would stop playing if there were wipes, theres a reason people who likes pvp and crafting but don’t play on these games that have server wipes.

So I am eighter playing pve or pve-c. Meaning I am not part of the pvp community.
I can without any trouble spend a month or longer on a single server.
Some people are asking for one month until a building decays… (Because of holidays.)

And I think in pvp one would stay for a longer time.
This means: No monthly wipe!

I can understand though, that playing the game once in a while is interesting. Maybe for a week for those who take little time to be sated with this game. Weeks and months for those who found the game in Conan Exiles.
This is why I understand it could be interesting if there were resets once every while. Question is how often.
I think monthly is too much. Maybe every 6 months is too rare, so every 3 months might be a solution?

I guess rebuilding every 3 months is okay, but I might be wrong.

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The best solution, is different server settings, they should come with the Blitz servers again, for those who prefers server wipes, would be glad with that. Everybody wins.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they wipe the servers again for the " Big Update " when it’s released.