Increase LV cap to 100

There a way to balance 60-100. The answer is 4 stat points per level. For those with common sense. You notice the stats at 61 one is a big decrease. My math work out effort/worth it. The big reason for this increase is skill points. Yes the Lotus potions exist but it’s not enough. I have x10 resource gathering. With the proper tool I gather 10 yellow Lotus flowers . It requires Yellow Lotus flowers 10 with Rank 1 thrall/No thrall,8 with Rank 2/ Rank 3 thrall and 5 with rank 4 thrall per potion. I feel the lotus potions was made for builds testing and fixing mistaken points place.


I’m hoping for Max LV increase.


I know this can be done with mods but I hope they add the ability to do this as a server admin I would love to make my server lvl 100 with out the need for mods



Any reason. For no level cap increase??
Even if it gave much less in the stat category just feels good to progress

If you feel strongly against it would be nice to have some context

Ido think you should not be able to max everything on your character but gaining levels does give a sense of progress. I would even more like it so that levels above 60 reset on death so it adds some value in showing how long you have been alive


more lvls = more restrictions. There are other ways how to make progression interesting. But it is up to Devs to find out. IF lvl increase, then only with major DLC, with new and more dangerous / difficult enemies and areas. but that is not going to happen

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I know funcom is planning optional dlc this June, but i doubt that’s the only content we’ll get.

I also have to go with no on a level cap increase. If there could be a way to mitigate the powergap a bit, maybe, but there’s already enough variance between low and high levels and it’s something that doesn’t need to be exacerbated.

Do you know how hard it going to be for sorcery users? I have to have a weapon stat. Then I need a Vit and Grit to counter corruption. Just to have 200 stamina and health I need 30 in each of those stats. I need carry wieght. There is not going to be a sorcery stat is what I’m hearing.Increase your difficult, because your on easy mode or aren’t using swords.

No new difficult is needed. We don’t need a new grade for armors.

Read my topic, then think for yourself. Clearly you didn’t read my full topic. How many stat points from 59-60? I’m reducing stats points from 60-100 to 4 points each. We need to boost the max level for skill points.

It seems fine the way it is.

It also seems pointless to worry about difficulties sorcery users may or may not face when it’s not even in the game yet. If re-balancing is necessary when it’s released then I’m sure they’ll do that.

I need more skill points. They plan to increase the LV cap to 70 on the dlc. Am I the only one seeing the big picture? By allowing my idea it reducing the big jump of stats points.

Corruption is the stat for sorcery they plan to use.

Stop asking for more levels, this is survival, not mmo! go play those games if you like leveling.

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This definitely is an MMO… It’s massive, multiplayer and online :thinking:


40 players, not so massive.


The MM stands for “Massively Multiplayer”, so 40 players, as @Caco points out, does not qualify.

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It may only have 40 players online at one time but any single server could have hundreds if not thousands of active player characters.

yes I read your post and I understand exactly what you are asking for. You want to be able to unlock everything and also have more talent points without an increase in the perk caps, essentially eliminating the need to make choices in the game at all. Just because you think your idea is good doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Honestly they should remove the lotus potion too that way you have to rely on other players for things, whether it’s through raiding, trading, or setting up an efficient clan.


or at least give it HUGE colldown once you hit lvl 50 or 60… week, 2 weeks, month…


to make it clear. I love the option to change my stats if i decide do try some other build, or simply if i realize i messed it up… But resetting it every 2 minutes if i choose so? That is not cool

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