Consistency of progression

Is there a reason that the level cap is still at 60?
“Everyone” got their toons pimped at 60 now, and we would like to continue.
You promised us a progression server, but it seems that all you (FunCom) are doing is deliberately putting invisible walls infront of us.
Could we get a list of level caps, expansions and when you plan to implement them?
If you have a reason of taking it this slow, could you please explain to us to ease some frustration?


Who’s this “everyone”? My toons aren’t pimped out at 60.

I understand people want the progression to move on and I don’t have a problem with that, but please don’t speak for me.

kthanxbye :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why have you not completed the current content then?
You reply to my post without any context.

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Yeah im not paying another month atm, they should really release some form of plan for the remaining 11ish month. Even if they change it, just to give us a hint of what the thought process is so everyone can decide if this is for them to play.

Not 1 single person iv’e played with wanna stay at 60 for another week.

Love the server, but yeah if i have to wait 6 months for SL for example im not doing this.

There’s your context.
My answer: I don’t have to explain “why” my toon(s) aren’t a pimped out 60.

As I’ve stated, I have no problem with other players wanting the progression to move on. Doesn’t bother me or my play style. Just pointing out that everyone isn’t 60 and pimped out is all. :wink:


Any froob knows your toon starts to make progress once you hit foremans and get cdrs etc and enough credits while leveling there from 60-100 to be pimp. That range is like puberty.

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I 100% agree… It totally get why they want to keep caps in place to keep some folks from sprinting away to the end too fast and “spoiling” the progression.

But… not everyone wants to bang their head against the wall trying to wrestle against meat train multiboxers who control the flow to the economy. If FunCom cannot produce a planned schedule, and produce regular updates, cap increases, and expansion roll out. Myself and many others will just move on. This is a 20 year old MMO, and we need to to progress steadily.

I was arguing for a lvl 200 cap in the next raise… its gotten to the point where multiboxers and meat trains have pretty much cleared RK content at this point. A smaller raise to 100 would have just about everyone doing 200 content anyway with how its been going so far. Certainly not panning out like I had hoped, or expected.

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Do you need to post your opinion in 15 different places? Don’t like the game? Don’t play it.

This is what the “vocal minority” looks like.

Believe it or not, most people are enjoying the cap and still find things to do. Sorry you lack the creativity.


Is it really that much to ask for, that they start to communicate so we get to know what is going on?

For example, if i knew that we are going to be locked at 60 for another 2 weeks and then get a raise to lvl 100, i might farm 1000 tokens as a extra goal. But i dont wanna farm 1k tokens now if it’s going to be 2 month untill lvl 100 because the reward is then to far away.

Both sides of this claim they know the majority of peoples opinion, there is easy ways to find that out for sure aswell if they want to…

I was ready for and expecting the cap raise this week as my main two characters are both 60 and pretty well equipped. However unlike the OP who has been crying all over the forums and discord, I was not that upset that they didn’t raise it. As others have said. Plenty of other things to do. Don’t really care either way. Game is fun for me until it isn’t.

You do have the choice of playing on the other open non-progression server if you don’t like this one. According to some people there are ‘hordes’ of people unhappy with the level cap so you could all go to RK5 and not be lonely :wink:

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I got bored of those topics… :sleepy:

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maby, but also many people doesnt. i dont if u seen it but many people are alredy gone on this super duper progreson server.

i believe that this server will kill the game totaly on RK5 left all grace seelers and on RK19 GMI doenst work that mean that many people will quit when theyr graces left. also 90% of mbers will quit couse they want pay 6 acc with real cash. and if mbers wil be gone fc will lose minimum 1/3 of population.

rest people will be frustrated on both serfer on RK5 couse of ghost server and on RK19 couse nonsens and incompetent FC for them we are just paying cows they take our maney and put them to some another game…

for me its dead when all graces are gone me and 6 accs will quip i wont pay any cent of real cash to FC

A divided house can not stand.