PC Update (19.01.2021) - Hotfix 2.2.1: Bug and performance fixes

Awwwwe I thot we were gettign snow for Siptah… :crazy_face:

Seriously good job snapping this out so fast guys. How was it missed in testing? Oh yeah I recall programmers are not god capable of visiting every area of the may “In Case” somethign untoward occured…

C’mon folks I am not greatly impressed by FunCom but lets be reasonable here… (you know whome I am referring to above…)

honestly i think a consistency pass and rebalancing on all weapons across the board would not be a bad thing but that’s just me

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Ignasis: That is exactly what that change does.

And what penalty did you land on regarding the cheaters? Earlier you mentioned you we’re collecting data to serve them some kind of punishment, @Ignasi

(Edit: I see my quote skills reached bottom low on this post…)

thanks for the update @Hugo.
Sadly, I once again have to verify my files as each patch seems to break something in my pak files. anyone else encounter this?
patch—> launch —> crash —> verify files—> sometime later launch —> no crash

edit: in this case 3 files failed to validate. wonder if it the sane three each time?


Anyone else have the issue of it being stuck at 6.8? is this normal ive tried resetting pc and everything I don’t wanna reinstall if I don’t have to since its a 100 gb game

Would it be possible to fix the sunday settings for raid hours. Every new update I test this and there doesn’t seem to be a solution. It prevents us from setting the starting time for raiding hours on sunday.

Is not a visual bug. I know you guys gotta fix a lot issues ingame but “texture issue” should not be a priority over bugs like this one or many other potential game breaking bugs that need your attention. :pensive:

You might just just have some corrupt files, perform a validation. You won’t need to reinstall the whole game, only replace the bad files.

hello, can someone help me ? yesterday my game was normal and all, today when i turn on my pc and go to steam my game is uninstalled but still in the game files of steam, them i go and reinstall the game and after i open this error mensagem pops up h t t p://prntscr .com/xdjsyj

Preferably, don’t paste external links into the forums, upload the image instead.

However, this is the same issue as Can't connect to dedicated server

See my solution there.

Dragon bone weapons are still nerfed by 10%.
Can you please restore original values?
For example dragon done axe is 49 damage now, it was 54 before.


15 minutes starting on an official server and already 3 sandstorms … why you dont fix or disable it?

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Refer to

So that means that the dragon bone weapon nerf was intentional, right? The way I’m reading this, they can be crafted with their pre-nerf stats using a T4 thrall.

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Ran some tests after this update. Network issue is still there.

I still fail to understand how you had this nearly completely resolved in testlive, but then made it worse in the public release.

Probably that it’s an upcoming change that wasn’t supposed to be pushed out yet, hence the lack of announcement about it.

Siptah is so boring, so when u give us anything interesting? DLC maybe? Siptah 2.0 etc…



Since Dragonbone weapons are superior to all but the top tier legendaries, without the worry of repair kits and accidental breakage, they have become a top choice.

My unsubstantiated observation is that a sandstorm rolls in each time a new player joins a server.

Hella annoying.


With the Aggro Range and “following range” changes, you should reconsidering rework the Tight Dungeons aggro system. Admin modified Dungeons Mobs, aggro trough the walls and coming for you. No need to run at them. Also the Mobs do love to push my Thrall into the Walls and it get stuck there and not moving anymore.

This aggro range thing has it down points as you can see.

Keep that in Mind, if Funcom plan to design Dungeons content on Exiles or Siptah Map

  • clipping check for not NPC push other NPC into Walls or floors more often
  • check if Mobs can see trough walls or not. the solution right now has its downsides in tight places