PC Hotfix (29.09.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.4: Further fixes!

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re bringing you hotfix 2.0.4, addressing a few issues with NPC pathing, improving out anti-undermesh measures (currently being tested on the Testlive servers), and also providing a much-requested fix regarding clans being unable to interact with altars and braziers!

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Developer Stream Recap.

Thank you for all your support!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.


  • Several improvements and fixes on the anti-undermesh measures. This is a feature currently being tested exclusively on the Testlive Official servers.


  • Fixed an issue with NPC pathing that caused them to get stuck chasing their target.


  • Adjusted the Fling shot bow’s durability.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause players that are in clans to become unable to interact with altars and braziers if the "Containers Ignore Ownership” setting is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the Den Boss’ mane and tail textures.


Thank you for the update.
Some of the changes not mentioned in the patch notes are:

  • Deluvian elephans now have fixed hp and xp gain. They have more hp than some of the vault bosses.
  • Healing waters legendary pounch no longer heals during combat and for several minutes after that. I’ve only managed to get it to heal after several minutes without enganging in combat.
  • Legendary chests in vaults that previously required a key fragment, can now be opened without a key fragment, granting a free random legendary weapon.
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Thanks for update.

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awesome! thank you

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Yay thank you!

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Aw… I thought there would be more… possibly Thrall summonings be a bit more rewarding to get crafters. :frowning: As well as giving Sigils some more info since their just collecting in chests. Or fix the Convergence traps. I mean undermeshing comes first I get it. I just hope there are some changes done to those. The healing one wasn’t needed but I get it we had a lot of complainers. I didn’t see a problem with it now that we can make hp pots and bandages. Well anyways please keep it up, guys. Wish you the [email protected]!

Update that griefed all work in 5 min
Even in early access this is idiotism to announce server restart in time when u cant even pick out fuel and lose 7 days or more work

Atleast give warnings sooner or make it possible to take out chaos…

ETA for a fix for

Chests and the end of the vaults being empty even though the vault reset.
Horse/Thralls/Pets teleporting ontop of the player. In some cases killing the player due to being over encumbered.
Hatch doors being broken half the time.
Elevators have been a broken mess for almost 12months.

WTB a good hotfix for once


When will you look at sabre tooths and other cat pets for PvP ?

not fixed, at least not the brazier. single player.


with clan:

without clan:


confirm, it doesn’t work

Can confirm…
Braziers are still locked when you are inside a Clan.

Focus Altar Shield Base can be opened when part of a Clan.
As well as the “Anchors” outside.

so… 2 out of 3 got solved and we can at least now start the surges, while being inside a Clan. Thanks!

Server: PVE -Private - EU
serversetting IgnoreContainerOwnership=False

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Hey Bestworld,

For issues not in these patch notes, please check the PC Bugs and Isle of Siptah subforums for existing threads on each issue and post there. Otherwise, please make a seperate thread for each issue.

See this thread for how to report issues:

This thread is for changes with PC Hotfix 2.0.4.

After the update I get the error 0x887a0006 HUNG

Was really hoping we’d get a fix for the vault end chests with this…

@Rurik I think this reply is relevant:

@Reyouka Be sure to post your game mode, region etc. in an existing thread on the issue. This helps the developers to identify the issue.

See my above comment on how to report issues.


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Please fix

Game doesn’t start after the update anymore. Launcher pannel opens, but once I click play, the .exe is closing itself. Please provide some advice greatly appreciated. Thank you