PC Hotfix (29.09.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.4: Further fixes!

For all suffering from the same issue,… as I tried to run the local .exe I got a notification that directx runtime is needed. After I installed it (again) the game can be launched again in steam and local.

Can you please reduce the time of wraps? It is way too long, 2 seconds maximum should be good.

I am starting on a new server and I think i spend half of my time looking for the wrap animation to heal. It is not fun, what is the point to penalize starting players like this?

And there is no survival here, just losing time to see the wrap animation again and again …

OK so this has been happening patch to patch now that I’ve noticed… You guys aren’t telling us everything that you’ve patched. IE Elephants are now fixed for normal killing. I really don’t want to be making a list of the last patches an times you guys have done stuff and not told the community. If fixing an elephants Health or defense whatever you want to call it. Then I’d expect you guys to change the chest respawn time to go with the vault opening. Your losing a lot of people this way and its very upsetting that we go through a whole Dungeon and pray at the end we get something great when we actually get NOTHING. God I do not want to turn into some community complainer. I get this is a new thing for you guys but I feel like these can be easy fixes. Especially if you went behind our back to fix the fun elephants. Fix Pros Not Cons please! We love you guys! Keep up the great work!
P.S. Please put a distance limiter between our mounts and pets. Ive had to kill myself a few times because they some how teleport right on top of me. I guess I should be posting some of this stuff elsewhere. Well hope you guys pull another Fix ASAP! our population on servers have collapsed due to silly stuff like chests. Thanks again Guys/Girls!

60GB update? Did I read that right? what kinda update is 60GB ?

My thrall was kicking a lot when equipped with a one handed sword and no shield. This is a new development since the patch.

Darn, hoping to see a fix for the Twice Drowned Vault.

The Siptah update/general fixes and updates to the main game, though based on the increase of the folder size, it doesn’t seem to be that whole amount and more of steam allocation file space for patching. Hope this helps!

Something is wrong with temperature debuff after this hotfix. When you get a status (cold or hot) it stays till death. I’m with cold status fixed and wandering on desert.

New hotfix is out!