PVE-F servers missing?

I can’t seem to find any official PVE Fast servers in any location, full or otherwise.
What’s going on?

There are no longer any “fast” servers as there were in early access. Any servers labelled “PvP-F” should actually be “PvE Conflict”, or “PvE-C”. We will make sure that’s fixed in the near future. All PvP servers have 2x harvesting. Sorry for the confusion!

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Inventory dropped on death and Anyone can loot player corpses??
Doesn’t sound like PvE as in Early Access.
So there will be no official servers like the PvE-F in EA?
Allthough right now gues I would be satisfied with any server to log into really.

And FYI The PvP-F server I finally got into (#1127) says Harvest Multiplier 1x, not 2x.

Part of the confusion here is that the “Mode” still appears as “PvP-F”. This doesn’t mean what it used to mean, and hopefully we’ll be updating those modes in the near future. Selecting “PvP-F” in Combat Mode will now bring up official servers named “PvE Conflict”. These are PvE servers that allow PvP combat from 5pm - 11pm local server time.

To play on a PvP server with 2x harvesting, you now simply need to select “Player vs Player” as the combat mode. You’ll notice that despite not saying fast anywhere in the server name, the harvest multiplier is set to 2.0.

This should be much clearer in the future when we can update the mode names to be a little more accurate.

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OK, so just to make this perfectly clear, even for me: there are no PvE-servers with 2x Harvesting?

That is correct. At this time, there are no Official servers with PvE and 2x Harvesting.

Edited to be less ambiguous.

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