PVP-fast servers

Taking these servers down was a huge disappointment to our group, please explain why this decision was made. 1x will put us to sleep because it is entirely too slow.

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There will still be plenty of x3 x5 x10 ect ect. Not sure what the issue is…

Right, but those will be for custom servers, where a whole host of other changes, and wipes will come into play aslo

X2 was just a sweet spot for us, while still being official rules etc

I am hoping the survival perks will make up for the slower harvesting. The slow thall training is going to be painful!

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We’ve talked about it internally and we’re doing some changes. PvP servers will have 2x harvesting and 1x xp gain and crafting times. PvE will have 1x everything. The Purge will be active on all server types, but only between 6pm and 10pm (local server time).